Vanpool Monthly Fares

vanpool proposed fee increase chart

Zone A - up to 40 miles per day

Aptos 1 (drivers: Michelle and Dan)
Aptos 2 (drivers: Rex and Susan)
Aptos 3 (driver: Cindy)
Live Oak (driver: Glenda)
SLV 1 (driver: Margie)

Zone B - 41 to 60 miles per day

SLV 2 (driver: Frank)
Watsonville 1 (driver: Rosa)
Watsonville 2 (driver: Nick)
Watsonville 3 (driver: Miguel)
Watsonville 5 (driver: Ignacio)
Watsonville 6 (driver: Raymundo)
Watsonville 7 (driver: Eduardo)
Watsonville 8 (driver: Rudy)
Watsonville 10 (driver: Daren)

Zone C - 61 to 75 miles per day

Los Gatos (drivers: Dan and Jay)
Campbell (driver: John)
South San Jose (drivers: John and Janelle)
San Jose/Bascom (driver: Ana)
Watsonville 4/Castroville (driver: Jose)
Watsonville 9/Castroville (driver: Andres)

Zone D - more than 75 miles per day

Monterey (drivers: Darren and Stephen)