TAPS Event Parking Rates

Event Parking Services:

Lot Sign (up to two signs per lot) - $27

Sign (non-lot/sign with barricade) - $27

Reserved Space, Day (VIP) - Sign and Permit - $27

Reserved Space, Night (VIP) - Sign and Permit - $20


Attendants can direct traffic, sell parking permits, or issue department-paid parking permits. The location of the event, as well as the number of expected attendees, will determine how many attendants are needed. For most small- to mid-sized events, two attendants are sufficient. (Note: if selling permits, a minimum of two attendants are required.)

TAPS provides up to two attendants for up to two hours at no cost to the event sponsor; any additional attendants are billed at $17/hour per attendant.

Event Permits:

Weekday A Permit - $8

Weekday R Permit - $5

Weekday Barn Theater - $4

Night or Weekend - $4

Late Notification Fee: 

$50 - Charged for event requests received less than five days before an event
Use the Online Event Notification Form

Late Change Fee: 

$30 - Charged for sponsor-requested changes five days or less prior to an event that requires substantial staff time

Late Cancellation Fee: 

$75 - Charged for requested event services canceled within 10 days of event date

Other Associated Event Parking Charges

The following shuttle reservation fees all require a consecutive 2 hour minimum.

Driver - $44/hour/per (consecutive 2 hour minimum)

Shuttle Bus - $47/hour/per (consecutive 2 hour minimum)

Driver with Bus - $91/hour/per (consecutive 2 hour minimum)

Fleet Services Van Rental

2-12 passenger vans may be rented from UCSC Fleet Services. Rates vary from $45 - $140 per day.