Parking/Programs Fines and Forfeitures

General Information

  • Infractions (as defined by list below) by students will be referred to Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action, in addition to the fines and forfeitures as stated.
  • Additional loss of privileges for those students who are currently without parking privileges will begin at the time the student regains his/her privileges.
  • A prorated refund will be generated if the permit has been returned by the date specified. The amount of the refund will be based on the date the permit is received at the TAPS Sales Office.
  • Refunds will be withheld if individuals fail to comply to written or verbal requests for permit return and/or a University Police or Parking Control Officer removes the permit by request from the TAPS Sales Office.
  • Permanent revocation of parking privileges may be enforced for repeated willful failure to comply with written correspondence.
  • Parking permits and bus passes are the property of the University and may be recalled and/or withheld at the request of University Police or TAPS.
  • Regardless of the circumstances, the parking privileges or restrictions on student parking permits apply to all vehicles registered to the student or his/her immediate family. The only exceptions that may be granted are when the registered owner or other member of the student's immediate family visit the campus in that vehicle.

Fines and Forfeitures

1. NON-PAYMENT OF OUTSTANDING FEES: Outstanding fees must be paid in full before a parking permit or bus pass will be issued, or enrollment in any transportation program is processed.

2. REPEATED VIOLATIONS OF UCSC PARKING AND TRAFFIC REGULATIONS: Loss of parking privileges: 3 months for 1st offense, 6 months for 2nd offense, permanently for 3rd offense.


  • Purchasing or obtaining a permit or bus pass for an individual who is not eligible for that permit or bus pass. $50.00 fine per person
  • Filing a false police report about a lost or stolen permit or bus pass. $100.00 fine
  • Displaying or possession of a permit which has been reported as lost or stolen. Payment for the permit from the date of the report plus $50 fine
  • Falsifying information to meet carpool requirements. $50.00 fine per person 

4. INCORRECT INFORMATION GIVEN TO TAPS OR CAMPUS POLICE: Obtaining a permit or program item by providing incorrect information such as (but not limited to) assuming the identity of another, providing erroneous vehicle information, implying the vehicle is operating or will fit properly within a parking space, etc. $50.00 fine and/or loss of privileges until compliance obtained.


  • Transfer or resale of permit or bus pass to another person with or without similar privileges.  Transfer or resale of a permit to another UCSC affiliate, or addition of a license plate belonging to another UCSC affiliate, or affiliate’s family member who is currently ineligible for similar privileges, and prior exceptions have not been granted.$50.00 fine per person
  • Alteration of a parking permit. Payment of Parking Enforcement citation and payment to TAPS to cover time of alteration, regardless of use.
  • Counterfeiting of a permit or bus pass or being in possession of a counterfeit permit or bus pass. $100.00 fine and payment for the full value of permit(s) or bus pass, regardless of use.
  • Possession and/or display of a permit or bus pass which has been reported lost or stolen by another individual. $100.00 fine and payment for the permit/pass from the date of report until date recovered.

6. STORAGE OR REPAIR OF VEHICLE, OR STORAGE OF TRAILER, BOAT, ETC: Permit recall and removal of vehicle from campus. Vehicle(s) other than trailers and boats must demonstrate they are in operating condition before reinstatement of privileges.

7. SLEEPING IN A VEHICLE ON CAMPUS: Recall of all parking privileges for fiscal year or until clearance by University Police.

8. VEHICLES EXCEEDING THE WIDTH OR LENGTH OF A PARKING SPACE: Vehicles requiring the use of more than one parking space will result in the recall of the parking permit and the vehicle must be removed from campus. Exception may be granted by University Police and Event Parking during non-peak periods for specified parking lots, as space is available.

9. AT REQUEST OF POLICE: Recall of permit until cleared by University Police.