UCSC Bike Library

The Bike Library's mission is to promote bike ridership and support a growing bike community at UCSC by providing bike access to students, faculty, and staff who do not own a bike.

UCSC Bike Library bikes come with a helmet, lock, and front & rear lights and are available for quarter-long loans. Bikes are loaned out free of charge, but the recipient is responsible for the replacement of lost or stolen parts, and stolen bikes are subject to a fee. 

If you have borrowed a bike from the Bike Library in a previous quarter, you may still apply again, but we give priority to new applicants. We're glad you loved the program and will do our best to accommodate you!

You must attend a TAPS sponsored Bicycle Safety Course in order to receive a bike.

How to Apply

Fall 2022 Applications are open from September 22nd through September 29th.

In 500-700 words, please answer the following questions:

  • Why you need a bike?
  • What will you use the bike for?
  • How will you contribute to the bike community?

After you finish answering the questions, fill out the application.

Please submit an application as soon as you can to improve your chances for receiving a bike. Your application will be evaluated based on your essay response.

The essay is very important, so please address all three questions and meet the word requirement.

You greatly improve your chances by putting time into your essay and thoroughly explaining your need for a bike. Please elaborate on your involvement with any clubs, organizations, or jobs, and why you need a bike.

Please email bikelibr@ucsc.edu if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: We will not give out bikes that are sized incorrectly for any rider for safety purposes.

Bike Library Applications for Fall 2022 are closed.
Check back for Spring applications.


History of the Bike Library

The Bike Library was founded by the Student Environmental Center's Transportation Campaign. It was created after the first year of "The Community and Culture of the Bicycle" class in the spring of 2008. The Bike Library began rolling the following fall and has since been providing UCSC students, staff, and faculty with free bicycles every quarter. It was originally a bike share program created, designed, and directed by students. After a few years the program grew too large for students to manage on their own, and the campus Transportation and Parking Services TAPS) began sponsoring the program.

Funding for the program came from the Campus Sustainability Council through a student fee designed to support student projects that promote campus sustainability. Our mission is to promote bike ridership and support a growing bike community by providing bikes to students, faculty, and staff who would otherwise not have them. If you are interested in getting involved, email bikelibr@ucsc.edu