Bike Maintenance & Repairs

Bike Maintenance

UCSC Bike Maintenance Clinics have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TAPS Bicycle Program co-sponsors a weekly bicycle maintenance clinic with Ath-Rec to assist UC affiliates with keeping their bikes in safe operating condition. Expert bike maintenance specialists are available at the clinic to assist you with your repairs. If you know what parts your bike needs purchase them in advance and take them along to the repair clinic.

Fixit Stations

  • TAPS has installed Fixit bike repair stations at the following locations:
  • Baskin Engineering (east end of building)
  • McHenry Library
  • Performing Arts parking lot (near bike racks close to Music Center)
  • Ath-Rec (formerly OPERS, north of building entrance)

The Fixit includes all the tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools and air pump are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the bike from the hang arms allow the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments. For help with repairs use the Quick Read (QR) code on the front of the Fixit to view detailed instructions on your smart phone or view the bicycle repair guide online.

Please note that a few components of the Fixit stations (particularly the pumps) tend to fail after a certain amount of use. Our staff tries to replace those components as soon as possible. Please let us know ( if you see something that needs to be fixed or replaced.