Employee Bike Commuters

Bike Commuter Shower Program at the East Field House
UCSC Faculty and staff who commute to campus by bike may want access to shower facilities after climbing the steep hills around the campus. Bike commuters are eligible to participate in the free Bike Commuter Shower Program; which provides access to the shower facilities at the East House and a towel. To receive the Bike Shower Pass, faculty and staff need to apply on-line; showing a valid UCSC Student ID Card gives students the same access. For more information send us an email inquiry.

Emergency Ride Home Program
TAPS supports transportation alternatives and offers an Emergency Ride Home program for those UCSC staff and faculty who chose to use an alternative to driving alone at least one day a week. Participants are provided a voucher that allows them access to a free cab ride home only for emergency purposes if they used a transportation alternative: bus, bicycle, carpool or vanpool, or walking. Interested UCSC Staff and Faculty can send an email inquiry to find out about eligibility for the ERH program, or stop by the TAPS Sales Office.

0% Interest Bike Loan
Commuting by bicycle requires having a good quality bicycle and necessary gear. To help faculty and staff purchase a new bike, TAPS offers a 0% Interest Bicycle Loan Program through the membership of Transportation Services, managed by Ecology Action. UCSC employees may qualify for the opportunity to borrow up to $750, interest free, to purchase a bicycle (including electric–assisted bicycles) and/or bicycle related accessories.

Eligibility requirements as follows:
1. work at least 20 hours per week,
2. have been employed by UCSC for at least one year,
3. be at least 18 years old,
4. be eligible for payroll deduction
5. be creditworthy.
Temporary employees, volunteers, independent contractors, and field construction workers are not eligible.

Cathy Crowe is the TAPS contact for the 0% Interest Bicycle Loan Program. Email her or go directly to Ecology Action to learn more about the Bike Loan Program.