Move In: Employees

Please be aware that during Move In Week parking, transportation and traffic patterns will be altered. 

We urge those not moving into the campus housing to utilize commuting alternatives on Friday, and to avoid campus during the weekend.

Parking for R Permit Holders During Move In
Please note that R permit holders may park in the adjacent overflow lots (see map) while the East Remote lot is reserved for Move In.

Please check the map links below for information on which parking lots will be reserved for "Move In Only" use for each day of Move In 2017.

Lot Impacts Map for Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lot Impacts Map for Friday, September 22, 2017

Lot Impacts Map for Saturday, September 23, 2017

Lot Impacts Map for Sunday, September 24, 2017

Traffic Patterns & Road Closures

Campus traffic will be redirected to help students move in.

Cowell and Stevenson Service Roads: One-way traffic only, Friday, September 22nd through Sunday, September 24th
Cowell and Stevenson Service Roads will be one-way traffic only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Access to the area will be from Cowell Service Road on Hagar (near the Cowell Provost House) only; traffic will exit onto the Cowell-Stevenson Road near the Stevenson Circle.

Hagar Drive: Southbound downhill CLOSURE at Steinhart Way
Hagar Drive will be closed to southbound downhill traffic at the Steinhart Way intersection (near Bay Tree Bookstore and Quarry Plaza) during the times listed below. During the times of closure, a yellow "ROAD CLOSED AHEAD" sign will be posted at the top of Hagar Drive (at the McLaughlin intersection). Drivers are asked to use southbound Coolidge Drive to exit campus or access areas on Hagar south of the closure.

Date Time
Friday, September 22nd 7am–6pm
Saturday, September 23rd 7am–6pm
Sunday, September 24th 7am–3pm

Porter-Kresge Road: One-way traffic only, north to south
Porter-Kresge Road will be closed to northbound traffic and restricted to southbound one-way traffic only during the times listed below. During the times of closure, traffic staff will be posted. All access to Porter and Kresge Colleges will be from the North Remote entrance to Porter-Kresge Road.

Date Time
Wednesday, September 20th 6:30am–6pm
Friday, September 22nd 6:30am–6pm
Saturday, September 23rd 6:30am–6pm
Sunday, September 24th 6:30am–3pm