Move In: Students

Move In Schedule
Please review the Move In schedule at 

Before You Arrive
Students moving onto campus will have received instructions from their college or housing unit regarding move in times. Please contact your college or housing unit directly if you have not received this information.

Move In Unloading Pass/Permit
Colleges issue a “Move In Unloading Pass/Permit” either before you arrive to campus (via email) or at the check-in point when you arrive to campus. This unloading pass serves as both a temporary pass/permit to allow you to unload vehicles near residence halls and a remote parking permit for your assigned Move In day only. This “Move In Unloading Pass” is valid in parking lots posted “Move In” only. These passes will not be valid on Sunday, September 24th.

Move In Check-In
Click on the college name and Move In date below to download a map to the appropriate check-in area. Once you check in with residential staff, you may be asked to wait until proceeding closer to your residence hall or apartment.

Colleges Nine and Ten (Sunday, 9/24)

Cowell (Fri, 9/22 – Sat, 9/23)

Cowell (Sunday, 9/24)

Crown (Fri, 9/22 – Sat, 9/23)

Crown (Sun, 9/24)

Kresge (Fri, 9/22 – Sun, 9/24)

Merrill (Fri, 9/22 – Sat, 9/23)

Merrill (Sun, 9/24)

Oakes (Fri, 9/22 – Sun, 9/24)

Porter (Fri, 9/22 – Sun, 9/24)

Rachel Carson College (Saturday, 9/23)

Rachel Carson College (Sunday, 9/24)

Redwood Grove (Sunday, 9/24)

Stevenson (Fri, 9/22 – Sat, 9/23)

The Village (Saturday, 9/23)

Transfer Community (Wednesday, 9/20)

“No Pet” Policy
UCSC has a strictly enforced “No Pet” policy. (Animals utilized for disability accommodation as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are permitted.) If you enter UCSC with a pet (non-service animal) you will be asked to remove your pet from campus. There are several “pet hotels” in Santa Cruz County equipped to board your pet. Check local listings. 

Temporary Parking Permits for Ineligible Students
First and second-year student campus residents, normally ineligible to purchase parking permits, will be able to purchase an R parking permit (remote lots only) for the one-week period following Move In (September 25th – 29th). Vehicles belonging to these students must be removed from campus by Saturday, September 30th unless a parking exception by appeal has been granted. Temporary permits will not be issued to students with appeals pending beyond Friday, September 29th.

Campus Parking Permit Eligibility
  • Permit Eligibility status for residential students is determined by the number of units (90 units) completed by Fall 2017. This status remains in place and does not change throughout the academic year. Residential students who have completed less than 90 units or achieve this threshold by Winter 2018 or Spring 2018 are ineligible for parking, but may pursue parking through an appeal process.
  • Commuting students who do not live in University housing (includes freshmen and sophomore students as long as they don't live in a University housing facility) are eligible.
  • Disabled students that qualify for a disability-related parking accommodation are eligible.

Students that meet these eligibility requirements can apply for a parking permit online at

Please keep the following in mind:

• There is no parking grace period; all vehicles must display a valid parking permit when parked at UCSC. Parking enforcement hours vary from lot to lot; some lots require permits daily, others on weekdays only. Check signs at parking lot entrances for permit requirements.

• If you have questions about parking permit eligibility email or call (831) 459-4543. 

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