Move In 2017 Parking Information

September 11, 2017


Move In Schedule
Please review the Move In schedule at 

Before You Arrive
Students moving onto campus will have received instructions from their college or housing unit regarding move in times. Please contact your college or housing unit directly if you have not received this information.

Move In: Students
Maps to each College Move In check in location are available. 

Move In Unloading Pass/Permit
Colleges issue a “Move In Unloading Pass/Permit” either before you arrive to campus (via email) or at the check-in point when you arrive to campus. This unloading pass serves as both a temporary pass/permit to allow you to unload vehicles near residence halls and a remote parking permit for your assigned Move In day only. This “Move In Unloading Pass” is valid in parking lots posted “Move In” only.

Move In: Employees  
Information about parking restrictions, traffic impacts, and road closures during Move In is available.

Other Important Information

Move In Shuttle Service Schedules

Airports and Travel Information