Park Mobile Replacing Pay Stations

January 06, 2022

TAPS is pleased to announce an exciting new change to your on-campus parking options!

On January 14, 2022, TAPS will take the parking pay stations on the residential campus off line and replace them with the ParkMobile mobile payment system. The pay station located at Lot 201 will remain operational, and payments for parking in Lot 201 and 206 may continue via this pay station through June, 2022.

The following pay stations and affected parking areas that will receive this service: 

  • Lot 101 (Hahn Student Services)
  • Lot 103A (East Campus Athletics & Recreation)
  • Lot 107 (Cowell College)
  • Lot 109 (Stevenson College)
  • Lot 112 (Core West Parking Structure)
  • Lot 117A/122 (Cook House / Barn Theatre)
  • Lot 124/125 (Porter College)
  • Lot 126 (Arts)
  • Lot 162 (Rachel Carson/Oakes Colleges) 

 Existing parking limits and options will remain in effect with three exceptions:

  1. Lot 103A will now have 3 hour parking instead of a 2 hour maximum, but no flat rate option after 4:30PM. 
  2. Lot 122 will no longer be available for short term parking. 
  3. Lot 117A will offer 1, 2, or 3 hours of parking or a daily parking option. 

For those who  have not used ParkMobile before, you  can get started with these 3 steps:

  1. Download the ParkMobile App and set-up a profile (vehicle license plate required).
  2. Enter the ParkMobile zone number published on in-lot signage. 
  3. Select parking duration and proceed to checkout.

For those who do not have a smartphone or prefer not to use one, you  may call 877-727-5718 to pay by phone.