Larger Buses on Metro's UCSC Routes

January 08, 2018

Metro Articulated Buses


Santa Cruz Metro and Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) are partnering to bring articulated buses to the UCSC campus. Articulated buses can carry up to 110 passengers – 30 passengers more than standard Metro buses. Three buses are being leased through June 2018, and will be used on routes serving UCSC and the Coastal Science Campus (3, 10 15, 16, 19, and 20) during Winter and Spring quarters. The buses will make 39 trips each weekday, and 24 each trips each Saturday and Sunday.

Because of the increased capacity, loading and unloading of these buses may take a bit longer. The larger vehicle size also increases the amount of time needed for acceleration, deceleration, and merging with campus traffic. Minor traffic delays may occur and other buses may need to wait in traffic before pulling into bus stops.

Comments about Metro bus service can be submitted directly to Santa Cruz Metro using their online form.