Openings in Commuter Vanpool Program

March 09, 2018

 (831) 459-4289

Vanpool Passengers
There are currently openings in five UC Santa Cruz vanpools that service the Aptos and Watsonville areas. Monthly fares for the Aptos vanpools are $63/month; the Watsonville vanpools are $89/month. The Vanpool program is also in the process of launching a new Los Gatos vanpool for those commuting over the hill, but a few more participants are needed to begin operation. If you are interested, email to add your name to the list. Those interested in any vanpool route may try the vanpool of their choice without an obligation to join.

The Vanpool program (operated by Transportation and Parking Services) started 25 years ago, and has grown to serve over 130 people in 14 vanpools. In addition to reducing their transportation costs, carbon emissions, and traffic impacts, vanpool participants report that the program provides a unique opportunity to be a part of a community!

Additional information about the Vanpool program can be found at To become a member of the Vanpool community or find out more information, contact the Vanpool office at or call us at (831) 459-4289.