Expansion of Commuter Vanpool Program

December 09, 2016

Have you considered joining one of UCSC’s commuter vanpools? Nearly all of the current routes (Aptos, Watsonville, Castroville, Monterey, San Lorenzo Valley, Los Gatos, San Jose, and Campbell) have openings. The addition of new routes will be considered if there are enough people interested in participating, and both a primary and back-up driver can be identified.

Vanpooling is one of the most cost-effective, flexible, and convenient modes of alternative transportation. Vanpoolers enjoy many benefits, including the following:

  • Saving money on fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and parking fees (an average savings of $78/month for a 25-mile daily round trip)
  • Easing the stress from traffic congestion and finding parking
  • Turning commuting time into time for reading, catching up on work, or sleeping
  • Making new friends with fellow vanpool riders
  • Protecting our local environment
  • Helping to reduce traffic and parking congestion

Vanpool members agree to ride the vanpool at least three times each week, and to pay the monthly fee via payroll deduction or student billing. Drivers volunteer their services while enjoying a number of benefits, including a fee reduction and a mileage allotment for limited personal use of the van. Details about driver benefits, training, and eligibility are also available online.

If you are interested in potentially joining a new or existing vanpool, please complete a short vanpool survey.

For those interested in vanpooling to the new Scotts Valley Center, please complete this SVC vanpool survey instead.