UCSC Electric Vehicle Charging/Parking FAQ

Where can I charge my electric vehicle on the UCSC campus?

At this time, electric vehicle chargers are only located in the Core West Parking Structure at the intersection of Heller and McLaughlin Drives on the main campus, with additional chargers at the Coastal Science Campus.

Level 2 Charging
Eleven (11) Level 2 chargers are available 24/7 for use including one accessible charger at Core West. Eight (8) Level 2 chargers are available at the Coast Science Campus including two that are ADA accessible. Four (4) Level 2 chargers are available 24/7 in the East Remote Parking Lot.  Users must be plugged in and/or actively charging while parked in a UCSC Level 2 EV Charging Space unless the space is clearly marked as "EV Preferred."

Level 1 Charging
Three (3) Level 1 charging portals are also available on the 6th floor of the Core West Parking Structure. Fort (40) Level 1 charging prtals are available in the East Remote Parking Lot. Users must pay for the electricity charges through ParkMobile at all times while plugged in.

A valid UCSC parking permit will be required during permitted hours of 7:00am–8:30pm Monday–Friday. Any UCSC parking permit valid for the time and day of your charging session will be valid for use in Core West and the Coastal Science Campus during your charging session. Once your charging session is complete, you must move your vehicle to a lot appropriate for your permit.

EV charging spaces will be monitored/enforced by UCSC Parking Enforcement for active charging/plugging in, during hours when parking permits are not required in the Core West Structure, to maintain the availability of the chargers.

Why is a parking permit required?

All parking stalls on campus require a parking permit Monday–Friday 7:00am–8:30pm. Fees for the use the of the EV charger are collected separately at the charging station (Level 2) or through ParkMobile (Level 1).

What do I do if I purchase a parking permit but all of the EV charging stations are full?

If you are planning on staying on campus for the rest of the day, please check the ChargePoint Network Map or ParkMobile app to see when the stalls open up. If you aren't staying on campus, please drive immediately back to the Main Entrance Kiosk or the TAPS Sales Office to ask for a refund.

How do I use the EV chargers?

Level 2 chargers are operated by ChargePoint (one of various EV charging networks). If you are a registered member of the network with an active pass card and credit card on file, please go to www.mychargepoint.net to view step by step instructions or download a PDF. If you are not a ChargePoint member, you may activate the charger by calling (888) 758-4389 to provide credit card information to a ChargePoint customer service representative. Those with smart credit cards can activate the charger on site.

Level 1 charging is paid for via the ParkMobile app. The rate for Level 1 charging is $1 for each four (4) hours ($.25 per hour). Users must provide their own cable. UCSC, their officers, employees or agents are not liable for theft / damage to personal property, including charging cords.

What do I do if the charging station is not working?

Because the Level 2 chargers are maintained by the service provider, we are unable to assist you with malfunctioning chargers. Please call (888) 758-4389 for assistance. You can set up an alert to be notified if the charger you scheduled to use is out of order. You can set up this notification on www.mychargepoint.net or on their smartphone application.

How do I know if my vehicle is done charging?

The Level 2 ChargePoint Network has a dynamic notification system which can send you an email or text message to let you know when your vehicle is fully charged, or if something goes wrong during your charging session. Go to www.mychargepoint.net or their smartphone application to set up notifications.

For Level 1 charging, you will need to rely on your vehicle's notification system.

Why is there a fee to charge?

There are a limited number of EV chargers on campus, and we want to ensure that the chargers are available to those that need them. By assessing an hourly fee, we can discourage routine charging by those drivers that don't really need it, leaving the chargers available for those that do. While we understand that patrons would prefer to not have to pay to charge their EVs, these same drivers will be glad to have a charger available to them when they require it. The fees collected will also help offset the costs paid to install, operate and maintain the EV chargers, and the electricity cost is passed on to the user.

Is there a time limit to EV charging?

At this time, there are no time limit restrictions for EV charging. However, all Level 2 Chargepoint users will be charged a $1 per hour fee for any time actively charging or plugged in to the system. Level 1 users must be logged into ParkMobile any time they are plugged in at a cost of $1 per hour. Once an EV is not actively charging and/or plugged in, the car must be moved to its appropriately-permitted parking location. An EV will be ticketed if it is parked in an EV charging space while not actively charging or plugged in. Please be courteous to other EV users who may need to charge by moving your vehicle as soon as active charging is complete. If demand for EV chargers grows, in the future time limit restrictions may be enacted.

What do I do if the charger does not activate when I wave my ChargePoint card in front of the station?

Please hold your Chargepoint card still in front of the station for a few seconds until it activates; do not wave the card.

Who do I contact for more information?

For information about the ChargePoint Network and Coulomb Charging Stations, please go to www.mychargepoint.net or call (888) 758-4389.

What benefits do EV carpoolers receive?

EV carpoolers receive the same benefits as regular carpoolers. They share the cost of a carpool permit and can agree to share fueling/charging costs. In addition, EV carpoolers with a valid UCSC Carpool Permit can park in one of the many campus reserved carpool spaces (within their permit type).

Do EV users receive any special incentives or rewards for driving a zero-emission vehicle?

While the UCSC encourages those that need to drive to campus to use the most fuel-efficient vehicle possible, TAPS does not offer any special incentives to EV users. EV charging is provided as a convenience for "topping off" charging needs for EVs but is not intended to be the primary charging location for any vehicle. These charging spaces are utilizing prime parking spaces in the campus core and must be shared among all EV users and will no longer be available to non-EV users. In addition, it is expected that employees will manage their own time and breaks in order to move their vehicles to appropriate parking locations once charging is complete.

Are there any accessible EV charging locations?

In the Core West Parking Structure, an ADA accessible Level 2 charging space is provided on the 6th floor and charging is also accessible from an ADA-compliant parking space on the first floor nearest to the chargers. In addition, two ADA-accessible Level 2 charging spaces are provided at the Coastal Biology Building and Seymour Center parking lots on the Coastal Science Campus. Accessible Level 1 charging is also available on the 6th floor of Core West. 

Recoiling of Cords

Please be sure to re-coil the charger hoses when you are done to avoid creating a tripping hazard, and to help maintain the integrity of the hoses.

Purchasing or Leasing an Electric Vehicle?

Many vehicle discount incentives and/or other agency rebates are available at different times to UC affiliates. Please be sure to check the UCSC TAPS Electric Vehicles web page for current offers. In addition, be sure to ask your dealer if they have any special offers for UC affiliates.

Let Us Know Who You Are

If you would like to add your name to a list of known UCSC EV Users for notification of future power shutdowns or any changes to the electric vehicle chargers or policies contact Teresa Buika at TAPS, tabuika@ucsc.edu or call (831) 502-7941.