Slugs Go Solar


The campus’ long-planned solar panel installation has begun in the East Remote parking lot and is scheduled to continue through the end of the calendar year. During construction, parking availability in the East Remote parking lot will be directly affected. Daily and Quarterly R permit sales during the project will be closely monitored and likely reduced. 

“Slugs Go Solar” marks another step toward UCSC’s efforts to attain a sustainable carbon footprint by generating clean, reliable electricity for the campus. In an effort to minimize transportation- and parking-related impacts during this improvement project, TAPS will be working diligently to offer alternative options, especially for R permit holders. Projects of this magnitude require campus-wide collaboration and we are confident in our ability as Slugs to work together throughout the installation period, especially considering what we will all gain at the completion of the project.  

The work will be conducted in phases, each requiring closures of various amounts of parking spaces. Throughout the Spring Quarter, we anticipate approximately upwards of one-third of the parking in East Remote will be unavailable at any given time.


Signs will be posted prior to, and during, each closure in specifically affected areas in the East Remote lot.  Special “Slugs Go Solar” messaging will be posted in shuttle buses and at shuttle stops to further increase awareness. Follow TAPS on Twitter for the most up to date information on this project and any related traffic updates.

To proactively mitigate potential impacts, the following measures have already been undertaken:

  • Approximately 200 Remote spaces were added just north of the East Remote lot, within Overflow 5.
  • TAPS has expanded our daily parking lot surveys to identify additional parking efficiencies and availability.
  • In anticipation of this project, TAPS reduced the available quantity of Academic and Annual R permits prior to Fall Quarter, 2019.

TAPS always encourages the use of alternate transportation methods to avoid parking-related delays. This is the perfect time to take advantage of these great resources:

  • Bikes: Click here for UCSC Bike Program services / safety information and click here for Santa Cruz JUMP bike information
  • Vanpooling or Ridesharing: Click here for information about other UCSC Commute Options, including our Vanpool, Carpool and more.
  • Santa Cruz Metro

We look forward to being a part of this campus-wide effort to bring efficient and positive solar energy to UCSC. We encourage the campus community to adjust commuting and/or parking routines in support of this exciting sustainability project. Your contribution to this goal will be an everyday effort and we appreciate and acknowledge your commitment to keeping UCSC one of the top sustainable campuses in the country. Thank you for your patience and cooperation, Slugs!