Multi-Year and Annual Permit Samples

Multi-Year Parking Permit                    Annual Parking Permit
(Renewal in Nov/Dec 2023)                (Expires 12/31/2020)

image of multi-year A permit with 12/31/2023 expiration date                           multi-year parking permit example

If you have a Multi-Year parking permit that looks like the image on the left, it expires on 12/31/2023; check the expiration date on your permit. Multi-Year permit renewal will take place in November and December 2020. The color of your Multi-Year permit may not be the same as the sample shown but it will have "Multi-Year" on the front of the permit.

If you have an Annual parking permit it expired on June 30, 2020. Your 2020-21 Annual permit may not be the same color as the sample shown but it will have the same formatting. You can obtain a 2020-2021 parking permit by submitting an application online or by visiting the TAPS Sales Office.