Yes on Transit! Yes on 73!

What is Measure 73?

Measure 73 is only one of the important measures on the spring ballot that will affect your future, so make your voice heard; VOTE online during campus elections May 13-22!

Measure 73 will enable TAPS to stabilize fare-free transit services on campus and countywide for the next ten years. The last Student Transit Fee increase was over a decade ago—our Frosh were in first grade, minimum wage was $8/hour and gas averaged $1.62/gallon. A lot has changed in 11 years.

Measure 73 proposes a modest fee increase of approximately $10 per quarter for the first year with additional similar increases over the next 10 years to keep up with rising operational costs (see the full fee schedule here). The current fee of $111.66 per quarter is not enough to maintain current transit levels and some services have already been affected.

Vote YES on Measure 73!

A yes vote for Measure 73 means TAPS will be able to:

  • Maintain all students’ fare-free rides for campus and county-wide travel
  • Maintain campus transit and METRO services for student needs both on and off campus
  • Build a reserve to help support replacing the aging campus bus fleet, including a transition to electric vehicles
  • Implement technology to enhance efficiency and adjust to ridership trends

What happens if Measure 73 Fails?

  • The Student Transit Fee will remain at $111.66 per student, per quarter.
  • Service levels for both METRO and campus transit will continue to be reduced or eliminated every year until the transit fee is increased.
  • Remaining transit services will be more crowded, resulting in additional pass-by’s, longer wait times and decreased ability to get to and around campus from certain locations.
  • Parking will be impacted due to more commuters driving to campus.

NOTE - The Disability Van Service will not be affected by any proposed service cuts

Sustaining Sustainability

UCSC is a nationally-ranked sustainable campus, and our students’ dedication to using alternative transportation methods is a large part of that. Our transit is integral to maintaining our commitment to providing a means of travel to and around campus that does not involve single-occupancy cars. Providing over 2 million rides per year, our buses are a crucial part of the campus ecosystem: everyone benefits from frequent transit, fewer cars, and more available parking options.

Lend a Helping Hand!

  • Now that you’re committed to voting YES on Measure 73, how can you help us make sure it passes? Here are some things you can do:
  • VOTE!! Elections take place May 13-22; it's easy! You can vote right from your phone or laptop at or visit a voting station on campus.
  • Encourage your friends and classmates to vote. All referenda require that at least 25% of students vote to validate the election AND at least 66% of those voters need to say YES ON 73! to pass.
  • Follow TAPS on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and like and share our posts.
  • Sign up to help at informational tables (email for more information). Free “I love transit” Slug shirts to all those who volunteer!
  • Email to receive a reminder to vote during elections

Who is already supporting Measure 73?

College Democrats at UCSC
UCSC Student Union Assembly
College 9 Student Senate
College 10 Senate
Cowell Student Senate
Merrill Student Government
Porter College Student Senate
Rachel Carson College Council 
Stevenson Student Council

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