Freshmen/Sophomore Residential Student Parking Prohibition

In order to preserve the natural beauty of our campus, UC Santa Cruz encourages the use of a variety of sustainable transportation options to minimize the need for parking lots. Because parking spaces are a limited resource on campus, UCSC has a parking permit prohibition for first and second-year residential students. The parking permit prohibition applies to those who live in any on- or off-campus University Housing facility, and covers all types of campus parking permits (including temporary daily, weekly, and monthly permits) except for motorcycle permits.

All students can buy a temporary campus parking permit during the following periods in 2015-16:

  • Early Fall (9/21/15 through 9/25/15)
  • Winter Break (12/11/15 through 1/3/16)
  • Spring Break (3/21/16 through 3/27/16)
  • After Memorial Day; excluding Commencement (5/31/16 through 6/9/16)

Learn about off-campus parking options.

Learn how students can get around using Zimride (UCSC rideshare community) and Zipcar, our carsharing program.

To be eligible to purchase campus parking permits students must be a:

  • junior or senior status student (with 90 or more units), including those who live in University housing.
  • commuting student that does not live in University housing (includes freshmen and sophomore students as long as they don't live in a University housing facility).
  • disabled student that qualifies for a disability-related parking accommodation.

On rare occasions first and second-year residential students may be granted a parking exception by the Parking Review Panel. The following reasons are considered for a parking exception:

  • economic need when a student must rely on income from a job not served by public transportation.
  • academic need including off-campus classes, research, or field study not served by public transportation.
  • family need, i.e. continuing care of a sick or disabled immediate family member.
  • when a student has frequent medical/dental appointments whose location is not served by public transportation.

To request an exception to the parking permit prohibition:

  • download the Parking Prohibition Appeals packet
  • to expedite your appeal, submit all required documentation and your appeal form simultaneously
  • do not submit a parking permit application with your appeal; if your appeal is approved, then you will submit your permit application online
  • understand that temporary permits will not be issued while an appeal is pending 

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