Summer Session Parking

Summer Session students can purchase parking permits for the campus remote parking lots; close-in parking permits are not available. Remote parking lots are frequently served by campus shuttles. Remote permits can be purchased on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or by the session.

To avoid long waits in line at the Transportation and Parking Services Sales Office you are encouraged to complete the on-line application for a summer session parking permit. By applying on-line several weeks in advance of the session you plan to attend you can receive your permit by mail, eliminating the need for an in-person visit to the TAPS Sales Office. 

When purchasing a permit students must submit a copy of their vehicle registration. Vehicle registrations can be emailed, faxed to 831/459-1366, or delivered in-person to the TAPS Sales Office (map of location).

If necessary, permits may be purchased in-person at the TAPS Sales Office.
If you have questions about summer session parking permits email

2014 Summer Session Parking Permit Rates

Session Dates R Remote
Permit Cost
Session I June 23 - July 25 $68
Session II July 28 - August 29 $68
7 Week Session June 23 - August 9 $108
8 Week Session June 23 - August 15 $126
10 Week Session June 23 - August 29 $146

The online Summer Session parking permit application is available at

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