Bike Parking

Bike racks can be found at bus stops and near most major campus buildings. Some covered parking is available at dorms. Securing bikes to racks with both a U-lock and a cable is recommended. Electric bikes can be parked at any of the conveniently placed bike racks that are located near buildings throughout campus.

Campus Map

The online map of UCSC has a search feature that displays all locations of bike racks on campus.

Bike Lockers

36 “smart” bike lockers are now available at six UCSC locations:

  • AthRec (north of building entrance)
  • Baskin Engineering (east end of building)
  • Engineering 2 (east end near Baskin Circle)
  • Science & Engineering Library
  • Porter
  • Coastal Science Campus (Seymour Center bike locker access is 24/7; Center for Ocean Health bike locker access is 8am to 5pm)

These lockers are operated as part of the Bikelink network, and a fee of $.05 per hour will be collected at the locker. The maximum rental time for any one rental period is ten days. Only a bicycle and its accessories may be stored in the locker.

To purchase a BikeLink card for use of the bike lockers, register online at

BikeLink cards cost $20 and typically take three business days to arrive in the mail. Cards arrive activated and ready for use. All use fees are deducted from the card; there are no membership fees or ongoing costs aside from the hourly rental fee. For more information please go to

BikeLink cards are honored at all Bay Area bike lockers on the BikeLink network; this includes over 100 bike lockers in the downtown Santa Cruz area. Bike locker locations can be found at BikeLink. Please note that the City of Santa Cruz ParkCards do not work at UCSC bike lockers.

For more information call BikeLink at (888) 540-0546.


Current UCSC code states that bicycles "...shall not be parked, stood, or locked against any lightpost, stair railing, ramp, or any portion thereof, nor shall they block in any way curb cuts, ramps, or paths of accessible travel. Bicycles shall be parked in bicycle racks provided; those parked elsewhere may be impounded." The bicycle owner will be responsible for all costs associated with this action, including the citation, an impound fee, and the cost of removing the bicycle from where it is locked.

How To Lock Your Bike

There are over 3300 bike rack spaces on campus, and we are adding more each year! Most thefts can be prevented by properly securing the bicycle with an adequate lock to an approved, fixed object. Always lock your bike and lock it to a bike rack. U locks are recommended in combination with a cable or chain to allow you to secure the wheels. A visual guide for bike locking methods is available as a PDF.