Go Santa Cruz County

GO Santa Cruz County rewards Santa Cruz County travelers with incentives to choose an earth-friendly commute. You’ll earn points that can be redeemed for rewards when you walk, bike, carpool, ride the bus, vanpool, or telecommute to work and/or class.

How it Works

GO Santa Cruz County features an online commute management tool available to all employees or students who live or work in Santa Cruz County. Community members can register by visiting https://my.cruz511.org/s/goscc and joining GO Santa Cruz County to start earning rewards. Make sure you use your UCSC email address to access the private UCSC network.

Earn Rewards for Helping the Planet!

  • GO Santa Cruz County points are earned through the Commute Rewards Program. Points can be accumulated and redeemed for $5, $10 or $25 e-gift cards via Tango.
  • When you travel using sustainable  transportation, it’s worth 10 points, max 20 points/day.
  • New users start with a BONUS of 20 points. Points are awarded to users in the GO Santa Cruz County network for any eligible trip taken in 2021. Note that point balances are reset annually and do not carry over. 
  • Use your points for the following rewards:
    • 20 points = entry to Quarterly Raffle for $25 gift card
    • 250 points = $5
    • 450 points = $10
    • 1,000 points = $25


Go Santa Cruz County is funded through the county-wide Measure D. Learn more here.

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