Walking - The Green Way To Get Around Campus

Walking is often the most direct and quickest way to travel around campus. Once you learn your way around on foot, you'll avoid arriving late to class because you waited for a shuttle. You will also discover the unique features that make UCSC a special place, many of which can't be seen from the roadways.

It's Easy Being Green

Getting around by foot dramatically reduces our carbon footprint. Less reliance on motor vehicles helps reduce green-house gas emissions while conserving fossil fuels. You don't have to walk every trip; even a few walking trips will reduce your carbon footprint, save transit fee dollars by reducing impacts on the campus shuttles, and provide you with some great exercise.

Traffic Control

Be on the lookout for the campus traffic controllers: this program is helps shuttles and buses move around campus faster. Teams of students wearing bright yellow gloves facilitate turn-taking at key campus intersections during class breaks. Vehicles move more efficiently, cars spend less time idling in traffic, and pedestrians are provided a safe passage through crowded areas. If the Traffic Control program isn't operating at an intersection you need to cross, take a moment and look at the traffic situation. If you can help ease the traffic backup by letting a car go through, please do. Keeping buses and shuttles moving through campus helps everyone.

PDF of UCSC Walking Routes and Distances

Download a copy of the Campus Walking Map and start exploring!


 UCSC campus walking map