About TAPS

    Mission Statement

  • Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) supports the University mission of academics, research and public service by providing and managing access to UC Santa Cruz and overseeing the planning, design and operation of the facilities and programs associated with parking, transit services, and bicycle/pedestrian circulation.

  • Parking Permit Sales - Hours and Locations

  • TAPS Sales Office 
    The TAPS Parking Sales Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm.
    The Sales Office is located in the H Barn on the lower campus (map of location).
    Phone: (831) 459-4543
    Email: tapssales@ucsc.edu

    Main Entrance Kiosk
    TAPS staff sell daily permits to visitors and employees at the Main Entrance Kiosk from 7:00am–1:00pm Monday through Friday, as well as issue pre-paid permits and provide directions (map of location). From 1:00pm–4:00pm student employees at the Kiosk issue pre-paid permits to guests, and provide information and directions. Those needing to purchase any type of permit after 1:00pm can do so at the TAPS Parking Sales Office in the H Barn. The Kiosk closes at 4:00pm, but the Sales Office remains open until 5:00pm.

    Students may not purchase permits at the kiosk.

  • Advisory Committee on Campus Transportation and Parking

  • The Advisory Committee on Campus Transportation and Parking (ACCTP) reviews policies, plans, capital improvement projects, and both existing and proposed transportation, parking, and circulation programs and services for the UCSC main campus, 2300 Delaware Avenue, and the Coastal Science Campus. The committee should also be engaged in discussions about the transportation-related services at other campus-owned facilities and satellite campuses. Their primary objective is to recommend a sustainable funding model that a) ensures adequate support of programs, services and infrastructure to provide access to campus-owned facilities and b) aligns with campus goals related to sustainability and the limits imposed on campus by the Long Range Development Plan (LRDP).

    Guidance documents include long range development plans, major and minor capital improvement programs, sustainability plans, climate action plans, agreements with Santa Cruz City and County, mitigation monitoring programs, and applicable University, regional, state, and federal policies and regulations. 

    The committee will advise on annual updates to the 10-Year Parking Plan and 5-Year Transit Plan, and associated fee and fare proposals necessary to support those Plans.

    Staff to the Committee will provide data and analysis to inform decision-making, such as traffic counts, mode split data, parking utilization, transit ridership trends, survey results, and budget documents.

    Committee membership, 2018-19:
    Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, BAS (Co-Chair)
    Peggy Delaney, Vice Chancellor, P&B (Co-Chair)
    Don Calerdine, Representative, SAB
    Theo Diamantopoulos, Representative, SAB
    Robert Kemp, Representative, Staff at-large
    Karen Smith, Director, Capital Planning and Space Management
    Troy Lawson, Director, Costing, Planning and Budget
    Lindsay Hick, Faculty Senate Committee on Planning and Budget
    Nico Orlandi,  Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare
    Adam Millard-Ball, Faculty at-large
    Alesia Ceche, Representative, Graduate Student 
    Samuel Weinstein, Representative, Undergraduate Student