Move-In: Students

Move-in Schedule

Please review the Move-in schedule at

Before You Arrive

Students moving onto campus will have received instructions from their college or housing unit regarding Move-in times. Please contact your Housing Coordinator directly if you have not received this information.

Move-In Unloading

Each college or housing unit will have designated unloading and parking areas. Please follow the instructions from your college or housing unit for directions on where to unload. Do not block access to roadways or park in ADA/Medical or other specifically marked spaces. Unattended vehicles in fire lanes will be cited or towed. If you are planning on remaining on campus after your student moves in, it is recommended that you have an active account on ParkMobile prior to your arrival to better facilitate your parking needs.

Move-in Check-in

Once you arrive on campus at your scheduled check-in time, please make your way to your designated area shown below to check-in. You must arrive at the time you selected as limiting the number of people on campus at any given time is essential to traffic mitigation efforts. If you have not yet selected your check-in time, please do so immediately. The map below indicates the check-in area for the designated move-in date. 

Thursday, September 21- Sunday, September 24 from 8 am - 4 pm

Check-in Location Community Map
East Remote (Lot 104) Cowell, Stevenson, Crown, Merrill, College Nine, John R. Lewis, and ILC Location Map
Arts (Lot 126) Porter, Kresge, and Redwood Grove Location Map
West Remote (Lot 127) Oakes and Rachel Carson Location Map
Check in at your affiliated college/community housing office Village, Camper Park, and University Town Center

Village Map

Camper Park Map

University Town Center Map

Students moving in from 9 am- 4 pm on Monday, September 25- Wednesday, September 27 must check in at their affiliated college/community housing office. Staging locations will not be utilized for continuing students.

Move-In Parking

Vehicle Policy: Due to extremely limited parking, students and their guests are limited to 1 vehicle per resident. Please arrive with your guests at your assigned check-in location at your scheduled move-in time. Large vehicles (> 19’1”x 6'3" x 6'1"), RVs, cargo, or utility trailers are not permitted at Move-In 2023.

Unloading passes and instructions on where to unload your vehicle will be provided to you at check-in. Valid parking permits are required in lots or spaces not specifically designated for move-in operations during posted enforcement hours.

Remaining on Campus

If you plan to remain on campus after you move in, it is recommended that you have an active ParkMobile account prior to your arrival to better facilitate your parking needs. We strongly encourage the use of Campus Transit Shuttle and METRO buses which are fare-free countywide from September 21 - September 24, 2023.

Community Lot & Location Purchasing Permits ParkMobile
Cowell, Stevenson, Crown, Merrill, College 9, John R. Lewis, and ILC East Remote Lot 104

Thursday 9/21-Friday 9/22: $6 all day

Saturday, 9/23-Sunday 9/24: FREE

Hourly up to 2 hours & Daily

Weekends: FREE


Porter, Kresge, Oakes, Rachel Carson, and Redwood Grove Core West Parking Structure

Thursday, 9/21-Friday 9/22: $10 until 4:30 p.m. $5 after 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, 9/23-Sunday 9/24: FREE

Hourly up to 2 hours & Daily

$5 ParkMobile flate rate after 4:30 p.m.

Weekends: FREE

ParkMobile Availability

Please note that ParkMobile spaces are limited and are available on a first-come basis. The following parking lots have hourly and daily parking options that can be used after students have unloaded their vehicles. Refer to the ParkMobile app or the parking map for a comprehensive list of all ParkMobile locations on campus

  • Lot 101 (Hahn Student Services) - 3 hour max
  • Lot 103A (East Field House Complex) - 3 hour max
  • Lot 104 (East Remote) - hourly and daily
  • Lot 111A (Crown-Merrill) - hourly and daily
  • Lot 139A (Baskin Engineering) - hourly and daily
  • Lot 150A (North Perimeter) - hourly and daily
  • Lot 156 (Crown Merrill Apartments) - hourly and daily

Campus Transit Shuttles and METRO Buses

Campus Transit shuttles will operate in clockwise and counterclockwise directions during Move-in, and they are available fare-free to students and their guests.

There are also five (5) METRO bus routes that operate on campus in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. UCSC students can ride METRO fare-free countywide by displaying their student ID, with a current validator sticker. Temporary bus passes are available for those students who have not yet received a student ID; please see your college office for more details on obtaining a temporary bus pass.

Please keep the following in mind:

There is no parking grace period; all vehicles must display a valid parking permit when parked at UCSC. Parking enforcement hours vary by lot; some lots require permits daily, others on weekdays only. Check signs at parking lot entrances for permit requirements or view the campus parking map.

Academic Year Parking after Move-in

Parking options are extremely limited. We strongly discourage campus residents from bringing a vehicle to campus during the academic year. TAPS provides many options for getting around without the hassle of a car and the cost of parking permits. Get additional information about parking and permits.

Students with access or functional needs that qualify for a ADA-related or medical parking accommodation may contact the Disability Resource Center to determine their eligibility.

If you have questions about parking permit eligibility email or call (831) 459-4543 during business hours (Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm).

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