Bike Safety & Licensing

Avoiding Bike Accidents Bike Hazard Report Bike Licensing Bike Theft

Avoiding Bike Accidents on the UCSC Campus

Cyclists should be aware of the following safety concerns when riding on the UCSC campus. The top reasons for bike accidents on campus are:

  • Excessive speed on bike path
  • Using the bike path after dark
  • Ignoring stop signs
  • Loose sand or gravel on roadway or path
  • Avoiding unexpected animals (squirrels, snakes, deer)
  • Pedestrians (weaving in and out of, or avoiding those who cross in front of you)
  • Vehicles (opening car doors, backing out into your path of travel)
  • Other cyclists (crowding, merging, weaving)

Bike Hazard Report Form

The Regional Transportation Commission accepts Bicycle Hazard Report Forms from cyclists or any other commuters who have identified a potential cycling hazard during their travels. These forms are forwarded to the appropriate local jurisdiction for their action. Typically, 50 reports are submitted a year. Report forms may be submitted at any time throughout the year. For additional information on this program or to get a form mailed to you, call (831) 460-3200.

Bike Licensing

There are four good reasons to license your bike:

  1. It's the law. All bikes operated on the UC Santa Cruz campus and in the city of Santa Cruz must be registered with a current California bicycle license. Unlicensed bikes on campus are subject to citation.

  2. It helps prevent theft, and aids in recovering stolen bikes. Send a warning to would–be thieves: This bike is registered with law enforcement agencies. Licensing enters your bike into a statewide system of identification, recovery and notification – and also significantly encreases the likelihood of your stolen bike being found and returned.

  3. It's easy and free when you use the Santa Cruz Police Department Online Bike License Registration System.

  4. And in the worst licenses provide a means of identifying accident victims. Please note: To obtain information about a bicycle that was previously licensed at UCSC contact the Campus Police at (831) 459-2231.

Bike Theft

Consider bringing an inexpensive bike to campus. They tend to be a less likely target.

If your bike is stolen the UCSC Police Department recommends reporting the theft as soon as possible. If your bike was stolen on University Property, report it to the UCSC Police Department immediately by calling (831) 459-2231. Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your bike was stolen in Santa Cruz City, report it to the Santa Cruz Police Department by calling (831) 471-1131.

Have the necessary information needed for the report: bike brand name, model, serial number, value, etc.

Keep a lookout for your own bike. Many times people are able to find their own bikes.
If you find your bike, call the Police Department immediately.

UC Police also suggest several ways to deter theft:

Register your bike for free. If your bike is stolen, and it was not registered, the chances of recovering your bike are drastically reduced. Thieves are less likely to steal bikes that are registered because they know the serial numbers have been entered into a national computer database.

Lock your bike. Using a high quality U lock is the best style of lock to keep your bike safe. Be sure to lock your bike frame to the rack, and if possible, include locking your wheels to the frame. Do not lock your bike to itself. A visual guide for bike locking methods is available as a PDF.