Parking Permit and TAPS Programs Applications

Due to an increase in demand for R permits for the 2018-2019 academic year, we have reached the upper limit for R parking capacity, and have therefore suspended R permit sales. A waitlist for those who still want to apply for longer-term R permits is available. To sign up for the waitlist complete the online application (, and submit a copy of your vehicle registration to We'll monitor utilization in our remote lots once fall quarter starts; if utilization allows, we will consider releasing additional permits for sale to those on the waitlist. 

Commuting students with critical need for an R parking permit can download the parking appeal form for consideration by exception.

Email if you have questions.

Residential Freshman and Sophomore Students

  • Freshman and sophomore students who live on campus are not eligible to purchase parking permits; please note that earning enough credits (90 units) to achieve Junior status during the year won't change your eligibility until the beginning of the next Fall Quarter. Details are available here: parking/freshmen-and-sophomore-residential-student-parking-prohibition.
  • Ineligible residential students with critical parking needs may pursue parking through a parking appeal before applying for a permit.
  • Email if you have questions.

Residential Junior, Residential Senior, and Commuting Student Applicants

  • All commuting students and residential juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for a parking permit.
  • R and C permits are allocated on a first come, first served basis for eligible students.
  • Note: All C permits are sold out for 2018-19.
  • C permit applicants be advised: TAPS will create and maintain wait lists for each C lot. Campus residents will be given first priority for C permits; after September 1st, any remaining C permits will be allocated to commuting students. When your name reaches the top of the wait list, TAPS will check the availability of the lots you specified on your application. If all of those lots are sold out, you will automatically be issued and charged (or student billed) for a remote (R) permit.
  • When paying through your UCSC Student Account account charges are not subject to late fees until after the scheduled Fall disbursement of financial aid.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive a permit (see "completing all steps" information below). 

Completing all steps of the parking application process is necessary if you need to bring a car to campus in fall.

  • Step One: Complete the online application (link available below).
  • Step Two: Your parking permit application process is not considered complete until we have your vehicle registration (see Step Three below) and the following items have been selected/completed on your application:  Permit type, Payment type, and Signature.
  • Step Three: Please send a scan or photo of your current vehicle registration to; be sure to include your name and student ID# in the subject line. (If you have done this previously, and your vehicle license plate number(s) haven't changed, it does not need to be sent again.)
  • Step Four: It is very important that you check your email regularly in order to retain your place in line for a parking permit. You will be notified by email if we need additional information from you. You will also be notified by email if/when a permit has been processed.
  • Email if you have questions (with name and student ID# in the subject line).

Apply for a 2018-2019 student parking permit.

Graduate Student, Faculty, and Staff Applicants

  • If your vehicle does not currently have a license plate number please provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your permit application. 
  • Most multi-year permits (see sample) don't expire until 12/31/20; check the expiration date on your permit. 
  • Email if you have questions.

Apply for a 2018-2019 parking permit or bus pass.

Retiree Applicants

  • Please note when adding new license plates to your permit, we will require the vehicle registration to be emailed to
  • Email if you have questions.

Apply for a 2018-2019 retiree parking permit or bus pass.