TAPS Event Parking Rates

Event Parking Services:

Lot Sign (up to two signs per lot) - $30

Sign (non-lot/sign with barricade) - $30

Reserved Space, Day (VIP) - Sign and Permit - $30

Reserved Space, Night (VIP) - Sign and Permit - $25

Attendants can direct traffic, sell parking permits, or issue department-paid parking permits. The location of the event, as well as the number of expected attendees, will determine how many attendants are needed. For most small- to mid-sized events, two attendants are sufficient. (Note: if selling permits, a minimum of two attendants are required.)

Up to two attendants are included for events with at least two consecutive hours of paid parking; any additional attendants are billed at $20/hour per attendant.

For fewer than two consecutive hours of paid parking, the requestor will be assessed the labor cost of the attendants for a minimum of two consecutive hours.


Event Permits:

Weekday A Permit - $10

Weekday R Permit - $6

Weekday Barn Theater - $5

Night or Weekend - $5

Parking lot attendants can accept cash, credit card, or checks made payable to UC Regents.  

Late Fees: 

Fees may be assessed for late notifications or changes:

$50 for new event requests received less than five days before an event
$32 for changes requested less than five days before an event that require substantial staff time

Need to transport people?

If you need to transport people to events (on or off campus):

2-12 Passengers
Rent a vehicle from Fleet Services. Rates vary from $45-$85 per day.

Over 12 Passengers
Charter a UCSC Shuttle

Please note: To order non-parking signs for your event call the Work Order Desk at (831) 459-4444 or email wodesk@ucsc.edu.