UCSC Bike Programs

Biking is one of the fastest and easiest ways to travel around campus and the surrounding areas...and its great for the environment. To help keep you biking safely, TAPS offers several bike programs for UCSC students, faculty and staff.

    Upcoming Bike Classes and Events

  • illustration of bike gear and pedal with linkUCSC offers a number of classes and bike rides thoughout the year, most of which are low cost or free of charge. If you are a novice and new to cycling or if you are just new to riding your bike in Santa Cruz and navigating the UCSC steep hills, our bike classes will help you feel confident and competent.
    Classes and Dates

  • Bike Lending Library

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    The UCSC Bike Library offers free use of a bike for a quarter. Applicants must submit a 500 to 700 word essay which says why you need a bike, what will you use the bike for, and how will you contribute to the bike community.

    Visit the Bike Library website for details

  • Bike Safety & Licensing

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    One of TAPS' core values is safety for all, including bicyclists. This includes tips for avoiding accidents when cycling on or off campus as well as information about licensing your bike with the State of California and help with avoiding and reporting bike theft.

    Learn more about bike safety and licensing

  • Bike Parking

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    In addition to bike racks near bus stops and throughout campus, there are also bike lockers available for a small fee. All bikes on campus must be parked at a bike rack or in a bike locker, including e-bikes.

    Learn more about bike parking options

  • Bike Routes

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    One of the most popular bike routes on campus is the Class I bike path through the Great Meadow. The downhill journey can be stunningly beautiful, with a view of the entire Monterey Bay. The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission also produces a very detailed map of bike routes throughout Santa Cruz County.

    Learn more about UCSC bike routes

  • Bike Shuttle

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    While the UC Santa Cruz campus offers sweeping ocean views and beautiful, redwood-laden scenery, the ride uphill to campus can be difficult...so TAPS operates a bike shuttle from the west side of Santa Cruz to the base of campus every weekday morning.

    Bike Shuttle schedule

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