Bike Shower Program

TAPS has collaborated with Athletics and Recreation to update the bike shower program. TAPS will continue to subsidize this transportation demand management initiative as part of our efforts to encourage bike commuting and reduce parking demand. 

Bike Shower Program Eligibility:

  • Be on paid status in UCPath.
  • Commit to the program through the end of the quarter.
  • Renounce eligibility to possess or utilize UCSC parking permits while participating in this program (ParkMobile and daily permits are still acceptable).
  • Register your bicycle with Santa Cruz Police and upload proof of registration to the application form (PDF or image file).
  • Within 3 weeks from enrollment in the Bike Shower Program, begin logging an average of at least two (2) bike trips per calendar week in Go Santa Cruz County throughout your participation. TAPS will regularly audit this for compliance. Once you sign up for Go Santa Cruz County using your UCSC email, you can log your trips in the web browser or in the Commute Tracker app (available in the App Store or Google Play).   
  • Agree that early cancellation or non-compliance with the program rules will result in a $30 charge, based on Athletic and Recreation’s approved Membership Cancellation miscellaneous fee.
Bike Shower Application Button with link

Employees who wish to shower after their commute can obtain an AthRec membership at the standard, affordable rates.

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