Mobile Food Vendor Requests

Mobile Food Vendors (food trucks, food carts, or pop-ups) can enter campus for daily operations, or for specific events. To request access, please fill out the form below and attach the required documentation. Once the form is submitted, the vendor will be contacted for further steps.

As we're preparing our students for bright and productive futures, UCSC is taking great strides to ensure our actions today do not unduly impact the future our students are working hard to create. As such, the UC system has developed a Sustainable Practices Policy that we follow on campus. Of particular relevance to mobile food vendors, we ask that all vendors provide beverages in aluminum cans (preferred) or glass bottles and do not sell beverages in plastic bottles (Sustainable Practices Policy III.F.4.e). Additionally, we ask that single-use foodware be compostable, fiber-based products are preferred (Sustainable Practices Policy III.F.4.d). Check out our Food Truck Essential Guide.

Campus affiliates requesting mobile food vendors for events: Fill out this form and enter your contact information as the sponsoring department.

For questions regarding mobile food vendor contracts/facility use permits, please contact Real Estate & Contract Services.

For questions regarding open flame permits and mobile food vendor checklists, contact Fire Safety & Prevention.

For questions regarding mobile food vendor parking permits and locations, contact the TAPS Sales Office.

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