UCSC Bike Shuttle Information

TAPS operates bike shuttle service from the CVS on Mission Street (at Olive) on weekday mornings during fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters. No fare is required at this time; however, because the service is funded by student and staff parking fees, the Bike Shuttle service is provided to UCSC affiliates only.

A PDF showing safe routes to the UCSC Westside Bike Shuttle is available.

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UCSC Bike Shuttle Service During Summer Quarter (6/21/22 through 8/26/22)

  • Trips depart from Mission & Olive Street at 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Drop-offs on campus are at the Physical Plant Metro Stop on the lower campus, and at the Engineering 2 Circle on the upper campus

Getting to the Bike Shuttle Safely

Mission Street is a major truck route through the Westside of Santa Cruz. In the interest of bicyclist safety, routes that minimize bicycle travel time along this thoroughfare are recommended.

If traveling from the ocean side of Mission:

  • Travel north on Bay Street to Mission.
  • Use the left-turn pocket and “protected left” arrow at the traffic signal to turn safely onto Mission.
  • Ride one block to Olive Street.
  • Turn right to reach the Bike Shuttle Pick-Up point.

If traveling from the UCSC side of Mission:

  • Travel along King Street to Bay Street.
  • Turn onto Bay Street and head toward the ocean.
  • Turn right onto Toledo and proceed to Olive and the Bike Shuttle Pick-Up point.

Safety tips when cycling behind a truck:

  • Stay back, position your bike slightly right within the lane.
  • If you can't see the truck’s mirrors, the driver can't see you.
  • Use hand signals to communicate to drivers.
  • Be Predictable!
  • Obey traffic laws.