Slug Crossing Parking and Transportation Information

All information subject to change without notice. Expect delays.

This page only addresses parking and transportation for Slug Crossing. Visit the Commencement page for all other Slug Crossing information.

On Slug Crossing weekend, it can take as long as an hour to get from downtown Santa Cruz to the UCSC campus. Leaving campus after ceremonies can take equally as long. Please plan accordingly and leave extra time to take a shuttle if you drive. Consider one of the following options in lieu of driving to campus:

  1. Take public transit - there is no fare during Commencement! Check Google maps or the Transit App to see which bus is best for your trip and travel with your friends/family for free to the East Field House stop.
  2. Uber/Lyft to Lot 103A
  3. Carpool instead of driving alone. If you have spare seats, offer to carpool to the East Remote Lot!

Parking Permits

Designated Slug Crossing Parking 

The only designated parking for Slug Crossing is located at East Remote Parking (Lot 104). A Slug Crossing permit is required. View the parking map for detailed parking directions. Other parking areas may require payment for a permit.  Due to multiple events on campus, please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your designated Slug Crossing time.

Other Lots On Campus 

All other permit requirements on campus will remain in place. Parking without a valid permit may result in a citation. Short term and daily parking is available via ParkMobile. For parking inquiries, please contact the TAPS Sales Office by email or call (831) 459-4543 during business hours.


Parking at UCSC during Slug Crossing weekend is limited, and you may encounter traffic. Due to the large number of people arriving on campus throughout the weekend, graduates and their guests are allowed no more than TWO vehicles per graduate at the East Remote Parking Lot. Please plan to arrive at the East Remote parking lot no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled Slug Crossing time, and arrive at East Field at your scheduled Slug Crossing time.

Tip: Be sure to jot down, drop a pin on your app-based map, or otherwise make note of the location where you are parked. Please plan on parking for no longer than 75 minutes total so that space is available for those grads and their guests who are arriving after you.

General Slug Crossing Parking

Designated general parking for ceremonies at the East Field is located in East Remote (Lot 104).

Please refer to the parking directions below and/or the maps here.

Accessible Slug Crossing Parking

If students or guests need accessible parking, display a valid Slug Crossing parking permit along with a DMV-issued DP placard or plate upon your entry into East Remote. You will be directed into the designated ADA parking area as indicated on the Slug Crossing Map.

Disability vans will be available to transport mobility impaired graduates and guests from the East Remote Lot to the venue entrance.

RV and Oversized Vehicle Parking

Oversized vehicles such as buses, RVs, limos, or trailers are not allowed in the East Remote lot. No overnight parking is allowed.

Follow Staff Directions

Slug Crossing-designated roadways and parking lots are subject to change based on conditions. University Police and Event Parking staff will be posted at most intersections and in parking lots; please follow their direction. Do not attempt to park elsewhere or ignore instructions.

Directions to Campus:

East Remote Lot 104 (designated parking for East Field ceremonies)

From Highway 1/Mission Street in Santa Cruz, take Bay Drive north towards campus. Continue up Coolidge Drive .42 miles and turn left at the second stoplight onto Hagar Drive. Proceed on Hagar Drive .67 miles and turn into East Remote Lot 104.



Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO) routes 10, 18, 19, and 20 travel to and from the UCSC campus and Downtown Santa Cruz. These routes will all be fare-free for everyone from June 15th through 18th. Routes, fare information, and schedules are available here.

Accessibility Accommodations

Complimentary wheelchair lift-equipped van service is provided to our campus community through our Disability Van Service. For more information and to set up a ride, please contact DVS via email at or by phone at (831) 459-2829.

Those with functional and access needs may borrow a wheelchair at the venue. Please be prepared to issue a valid photo ID in order to borrow a wheelchair. The ID will be returned when the wheelchair is brought back.

Weather Tip: Slug Crossing will take place in open-air venues and involve prolonged exposure to the elements—often heat. We recommend sunscreen, hats, and reusable water containers.

For Students, Staff, and Faculty

UCSC Permit Holders

UCSC permit holders coming to campus for reasons other than Slug Crossing should be aware that vehicular traffic may be heavier than expected; it is encouraged that you avoid the area if possible. 

Valid TAPS-issued parking permits may be used as normal during Slug Crossing weekend. East Remote lot is designated for Slug Crossing parking. If you need to come to campus for non-related reasons, we encourage you to identify alternative areas in which to park from June 15th through 18th.

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