Vanpool Enrollment and Participant Benefits

    How To Join A Vanpool

  • Those interested in joining a vanpool should check the Vanpool Routes and Schedules information page to determine if there is a vanpool from your area with a schedule that matches your work schedule. If so, email the Vanpool Office, or call at (831) 459-4289 to find out if there is an available seat in the vanpool that you want to join.

    If a vanpool opening exists, you can commence enrollment by printing and submitting the Vanpool Application, plus the Employee Passenger Agreement, or the Student Passenger Agreement. If you would like to join the vanpool after the first of the month, you will be paying for the full month.

    Submit your completed forms in one of the following ways: by Campus Mail to Vanpool Office at TAPS-Central Garage; by USPS to TAPS Vanpool Office, 1156 High St., TAPS-Central Garage, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064; or scan and email to the Vanpool Office.

  • Supplemental Metro Bus Pass

  • Eligible vanpool participants can elect to receive an annual Staff/Faculty Metro bus pass (for the exclusive use by the vanpool participant; not transferable to family members) free of charge. Student vanpool participants are not eligible for a supplemental Metro bus pass.

  • Emergency Ride Home Program

  • TAPS offers an Emergency Ride Home Program for employees who choose to use an alternative to driving alone at least one day a week. Eligible employees will receive one $75 Uber voucher per year.

  • Take Your Bicycle on the Vanpool

  • All vanpool vehicles have bike racks that can carry up to 2 bikes so that participants can ride their bike to meet their vanpool.

  • How To Change Vanpools

  • If you are enrolled in a vanpool and need to change vanpools because of a schedule change, you must make arrangements with the vanpool coordinator before switching vans.

  • Temporary Leaves of Absence and Medical Leaves

  • If you are taking a leave of absence or medical leave and want to temporarily leave a vanpool, you must notify the Vanpool Office in advance. Your seat can be held for up to three months as long as you make arrangement for payment during your leave. If payment is not received and you do not notify the Vanpool Office, fees will accrue for missied months, with payment due upon your return.

  • Leaving the Vanpool Program Permanently

  • To disenroll in the vanpool program you must contact the Vanpool Office 30 days in advance or fees will continue to accrue. Vanpool rates are not prorated, so fees are charged by the month whether or not you ride the vanpool for the entire month. If you received a bus pass through the vanpool program you must return it by the end of your last month on the van to avoid additional fees.