Electric Car & Bike Infrastructure Survey

June 15, 2020

The use of electric vehicles and electric bikes has been steadily growing on our campus, as well as within the Santa Cruz community, necessitating an assessment of the existing infrastructure and services available to electric vehicle users.

Help TAPS assess the need for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and support for the use of electric cars and bikes at all UCSC facilities by taking this survey. Your contribution will allow TAPS to address the routines and needs of those who drive electric or plug-in hybrids and those who ride electric bicycles. Additionally it will assist in determining future needs and infrastructure.

All students, staff, or academic employees who currently drive, or are interested in purchasing or leasing, an all-electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle are encouraged to participate as well as anyone interested in purchasing a personal electric bike.

The survey will run through 6/30/2020.

Electric Vehicle Survey

Thank you for your participation.