Pre-Tax Commuter Transit and Parking Benefits for UNEX and SVC Employees

UCSC employees at University Extension, Silicon Valley Center, and Cal-SOAP program staff are eligible to participate in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) pre-tax commuter transit and parking benefits program. This program is the result of a BAAQMD requirement that large employers within its air district provide commuter benefits as a way to save money and encourage the use of sustainable transportation modes such as public transit. All employees with a fixed appointment (or cumulative total) of 25% or more per month are eligible to participate in this program. Please note that there are no UCSC-operated shuttles or vanpools operating between Santa Cruz and the Santa Clara County worksites.

TAPS has contracted with Commuter Check Direct to provide an easy interface for employees to manage and order transit and parking commuter benefits. Commuter Check Direct allows employees to purchase transit fares and parking for all Bay Area transit providers, including Caltrans, VTA, and BART. IRS regulations allow pre-tax deductions of up to $265 per month for transit and $265 per month for parking. 

Commuter Check Direct charges a $4 per month administration fee per monthly election. Orders and any changes to your enrollment must be made by the first of each month and all benefits will be processed through payroll deductions. Detailed information about the program is available by viewing the Commuter Check Direct Open Enrollment/Welcome Letter.

Ennroll in the pre-tax commuter benefit program and use the UCSC Company ID number of 1460.

If you have specific questions, contact Commuter Check Direct at (888) 235-9223 or You may also contact Patrick Randolph, UCSC TAPS, at or, (831) 459-3724.