Daily and Short Term Parking Alternatives

August 10, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many students and employees will be attending classes or working remotely, and will therefore not need a long-term campus parking permit. For occasional trips to campus, TAPS offers several daily or short-term parking options for both students and employees.

Staff and Faculty

Daily A Permits

Daily A permits (staff/faculty/visitors) may now be purchased in person at the TAPS Sales Kiosk near the Main Entrance on Coolidge Drive. You may also purchase these permits online and arrange to have them mailed or held at the TAPS Kiosk for curbside pick-up.

Daily Scratch-Off Packets

TAPS offers daily A Scratch-off permit packets of 10 for staff, faculty and grad students. Each individual permit in the packet is valid only on the day chosen for use. The packets, which are individually made, may be ordered online but must be picked up at the TAPS Sales Office. These may also be purchased in person at the TAPS Sales Office.

Please Note: Permits sent to a home address via US Mail cannot be refunded or replaced if lost or stolen; this includes permits lost in the mail.

Staff, Faculty, and Students

ParkMobile and Paystation Parking

There are several ParkMobile or Paystation spaces throughout campus. Lots containing these spaces and their maximum time limits can be located on the Campus Parking Map.

Additionally, new daily parking options will be available via ParkMobile, and parking rates will mirror those for "paper” daily permits. Previously existing ParkMobile locations will remain unchanged at this time; ParkMobile transaction fees will apply. 

A limited number of additional ParkMobile spaces for daily parking will be designated by signage on campus and viewable on the ParkMobile app in the following locations: 

Daily R Permits

Lot 104 - East Remote

Daily A Permits
    Lots 111A, 119, 138, 150B, and 162