Kresge Construction Impacts

September 07, 2021

This is to notify all UCSC affiliates and visitors that effective September 10th, the pedestrian Kresge Bridge will be closed to support the construction of the Kresge College Major Revitalization Project.  

This project will renew and expand Kresge College undergraduate housing, academic programming, and student support services.  The result will be (3) new residential buildings, a new academic building, sitewide ADA access upgrades, innovative stormwater management system and sustainability features.

DURATION OF CLOSURE: September 10, 2021 through August 31, 2022

ALTERNATE PEDESTRIAN ROUTES:  Pedestrian access to/from Kresge will be via Porter College and the South Bridge. Do not walk on Heller Dr as there are no sidewalks. Please utilize the crosswalk request button between the Porter and Kerr bridges. Use caution to ensure that vehicle operators see you before you cross. 

ALTERNATE TRANSIT ROUTES: To access Porter and Kresge Colleges, use the Porter transit stop and walk up Porter Kresge Road. Do not walk up Heller Drive. 

CONTACT INFO FOR QUESTIONS: UCSC PPDO (831) 459-2170 or visit our website