Hahn Parking Lot 101 Closure April 1 – April 19

April 01, 2024

UC Santa Cruz will welcome more than 10,000 admitted and prospective students and their families to campus between April 1 and April 19, as they consider saying “Yes to UCSC.” This is an opportunity for all of us to share what is special about UC Santa Cruz. 

During these weeks, access to the Hahn Lot (Lot 101) will be restricted to tour guests during business hours. The lot will be re-open for general use at 4:30 PM each day. ADA, Medical, and carpool parking spaces in Lot 101 can be accessed as normal throughout this period. The majority of the Park Mobile spaces in Hahn Lot 101 will remain available, primarily to be used for short-term student parking. 

The volume of guests arriving on campus and the closure will impact transportation, parking, and traffic. Community members who normally park in Hahn Lot 101 and need to drive to campus April 1 – April 19 are encouraged to consider Lot 126 (Performing Arts), Lot 111A (Crown College), Lot 119 (Merrill College), Lot 103A (AthRec), Lot 104 (East Remote lot), Lot 122 (Barn Theatre), or sustainable commute options such as Campus Transit Shuttles, METRO, BCycle, or biking. Where possible, community members are encouraged to work at alternate locations. View the UCSC Parking Map for lot locations.

Thank you for your support in navigating the transportation and parking adjustments during this time, and helping to ensure a memorable and welcoming experience for our future alumni and their families.