Bus Driver Staff Shortage, Temporary Transit Service Reduction Effective May 8, 2023

May 01, 2023

Due to the unexpected attrition of six Campus Transit drivers, including three in the last week, TAPS has made the difficult decision to suspend the Bike Shuttle, reduce the number of trips on the Silicon Valley Connector from three to two daily, and greatly reduce Upper Campus routes for the remainder of the spring quarter. This temporary service reduction will go into effect on Monday, May 8th. Loop service and Night Core service may also undergo reductions. Due to recent retirements and employee leaves due to illness, injury, and other personal reasons, TAPS cannot continue to support current Campus Transit service levels for the remainder of the spring quarter.

TAPS is still actively recruiting for, and currently training, new drivers. To alleviate some of the reduced service caused by this driver shortage, TAPS will take additional measures including:
  • Offering voluntary overtime to all current drivers.
  • Exploring temporary staffing of qualified drivers, including potential recalls-to-service of UCSC retirees.
  • A limited number of Highway 17 Express vouchers are available at no cost for those who work or have classes at the Silicon Valley Campus. Contact the TAPS Sales Office to request vouchers.

While scheduled Campus Transit services have recently been as robust as those offered pre-COVID, this staff attrition will regrettably result in unavoidable service reductions at this time. TAPS asks that those who are able walk or use other modes to avoid using campus shuttles for shorter distances. Students and employees who use transit should also plan to leave extra time for getting to class or work and/or communicate with their instructors or supervisors regarding potential travel delays.

TAPS extends our sincere apologies for the disruptions caused by this unforeseen staffing shortage. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to provide transit service to the extent our resources allow.