Coastal Science Campus

Parking Permit Requirements
UCSC parking permits are required to park at the Coastal Science Campus weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm, excepting holidays. The one exception to this requirement is the small visitor lot near the Coastal Science Campus (CSC) entrance, which provides free three-hour parking to coastal access visitors.

UCSC "A" permits (faculty and staff), "B" permits (graduate students), and "MC" (motorcycle) permits are valid at most CSC parking lots. "C" or "R" permits (undergraduates) are not valid. Visitors to the CSC site have access to paystations located at each of the two large visitor parking lots ($1.50/hour or $10/day).

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (Parking Permit Required)
EV charging stations are located in Seymour Center Lot 201, and in Coastal Biology Lot 205.

During enforcement hours (8:00am–5:00pm, Monday–Friday), users who are actively charging or plugged in at an EV charging station must display a UCSC parking permit valid for the date and time they are charging. Once charging is complete, vehicles should be moved to an appropriate parking lot and/or parking space, depending on the type of permit displayed on the vehicle. Please note: the EV Charging Station spaces are reserved for that purpose at all times; UCSC permits are required only during enforcement hours.

Metro Bus Service
SCMTD Metro Route 22 bus between CSC and the main campus is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. The Route 3 bus, which operates between the Metro Center and CSC, arrives at CSC seven times each weekday. All Metro buses are equipped with front-mounted racks that accommodate three bicycles.

Coastal Science Campus Parking Map 

Details by Lot

Seymour Center lot (#201)

  • Coastal access visitors may park for up to three hours by buying a permit at the paystation.
  • UCSC A and B permits are valid.
  • Departmental visitors may use the paystation to pay directly, or may display a departmental guest parking permit.
  • No overnight parking allowed.

LML Service lot (#202): Limited access for Disabled visitors and UC vehicles.

Center for Ocean Health lot (#203): A and B permits or departmental guest permits required.

NOAA gate-controlled parking lot: Access limited to authorized NOAA affiliates only.

Greenhouses lot (#204): A and B permits or departmental guest permits required.

Coastal Biology lot (#205): A and B permits or departmental guest permits required.

Surge Lot (#206)

  • A and B permits or departmental guest permits required.
  • NOAA affiliates unable to park in the NOAA lot can purchase A permits for Lot #206.
  • Paystation available for visitors.
  • Students on overnight classes will be provided access code for paystation.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) parking lot: Access limited to authorized CDFW affiliates and guests.

Kiosk lot (#207)

  • Free three-hour parking for coastal visitors.
  • No permit parking allowed.
  • No overnight parking allowed.