Freshmen/Sophomore Residential Student Parking Prohibition

NOTE: As an exception due to the current pandemic, first- and second-year residential students will be eligible to purchase weekly, monthly and quarterly R Permits for fall 2020 and winter 2021 without an appeal. A decision for future quarters will be announced at a later date. Remember, inventory is limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order to preserve the natural beauty of our campus, UC Santa Cruz encourages the use of a variety of sustainable transportation options to minimize the need for parking lots. Because parking spaces are a limited resource on campus, UCSC has a parking permit prohibition for first and second-year residential students. The parking permit prohibition applies to those who live in any on- or off-campus University Housing facility, and covers all types of campus parking permits (including temporary daily, weekly, and monthly permits) except for motorcycle permits.

All students can buy a temporary campus parking permit during the following periods:

  • Winter Break (12/20/20 through 1/1/21)
  • Spring Break (3/22/21 through 3/26/21)

Learn about off-campus parking options.

Learn how students can get around using Zimride (UCSC rideshare community) and Zipcar, our carsharing program.

Campus parking permit eligibility:

  • 2020-2021 permit eligibility status for residential students is determined by the number of units (90 units) completed by Fall 2020. This status remains in place and does not change throughout the academic year. Residential students who have completed less than 90 units or achieve this threshold by Winter 2020 or Spring 2020 are ineligible for parking, but may pursue parking through an appeal process.
  • Commuting students who do not live in University housing (includes freshmen and sophomore students as long as they don't live in a University housing facility) are eligible.
  • Disabled students that qualify for a disability-related parking accommodation are eligible.

COVID-related Appeals
As a temporary measure to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, TAPS is allowing all undergraduate students to submit an appeal to receive a B Permit for close-in parking on campus due to COVID-related concerns.

All permits will be valid for one quarter only while this exception in in place.

This is a temporary and non-precedent setting measure. TAPS reserves the right to modify or end this policy at any time without notice.

Fall 2020 COVID-related Appeal Eligibility and Form

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