Employee Permits

A Parking Permits
Eligible faculty and staff may purchase an A Permit valid in most close-in parking lots and in the remote parking lots on campus. Those who are eligible and want the convenience of not having to renew their parking permit annually should consider purchasing a Multi-Year A permit; they are valid until a new permit is issued, and must be purchased by payroll deduction. To qualify for a Multi-Year A permit, the employee must have career status in the Payroll & Personnel System (PPS). Any end date to the job appointment, even for budgeting purposes, disqualifies the employee from these permits. A permits may also be purchased on an annual basis, valid from July 1st through June 30th, or on a quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily basis. Multi-Year, Annual, and Quarterly A permits can be purchased on-line; Monthly, Weekly and Daily A permits must be purchased from the TAPS Sales Office.

A Limited Day Permits
Faculty and staff that work a regular schedule of 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week should consider purchasing an A Limited Day permit. Valid in all A and remote parking lots on campus, this permit is offered on an annual or quarterly basis and requires a pre-designated schedule of 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week. The permit is valid only on the days of the week the purchaser designates and the schedule must remain the same for the entire period of purchase. Eligible faculty and staff may purchase their Annual A Limited Day permit by payroll deduction; permits must be returned to TAPS if days needed change. Changes to limited day permits may be made during the first two months of any quarter. A Limited Day Permits may be augmented by purchasing a packet of scratch off permits.

Daily Scratch Off Packets
TAPS offers daily A and R Scratch-off permit packets of 10. Scratch-off permits are non-transferrable, and non-refundable, so only purchase the minimum you think you will need in a calendar year. Each individual permit in the packet is valid only on the day chosen for use. The packets may be ordered online and picked up at the TAPS Sales Office or mailed to you. Packets are not replaceable if lost (or stolen).

Scratch off permits are designed for commuters who only need a parking permit occasionally because they use alternatives to driving most days of the year, or they have a limited need to park on campus. Purchase is limited to 50 scratch off permits per quarter until reaching a maximum of 150 permits within a fiscal year. Those needing to park more than 150 days a year are encouraged to contact the Sales Office to discuss other options that can better meet their needs.

Those enrolled in an official carpool or vanpool may purchase up to five full packets (50) of scratch-off permits per calendar year.

R Remote Parking Permits

Staff and faculty may purchase an R Remote Lot parking permit (valid in the East and West Remote lots) as available. Please note that the West Remote lot is often filled with vehicles of campus residents, and is not a reliable parking resource for those who commute to campus. R Remote permits may be purchased on an annual basis, July 1st through June 30th, or on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. 

O (Chancellor Designated) Parking Permits
Available to persons whose payroll title appears on the Chancellor-approved O Permit list. O permits are only available to career employees with no end-date to their appointment. O permits may be purchased on an annual basis, or as a Multi-Year permit. Multi-Year O permits must be paid for by payroll deduction.

Buying a Parking Permit Online
Eligible employees may order these types of parking permits online:

  • Multi-Year, Annual, Fall Start Annual Year (9/1-6/30), and Quarterly A Permits
  • Annual, Fall Start Annual Year (9/1-6/30), and Quarterly Limited Day A Permits 
  • Annual, Fall Start Annual Year (9/1-6/30), and Quarterly A and R Carpool Permits
  • Annual, Fall Start Annual Year (9/1-6/30), and Quarterly R Remote Permits
  • A and R Scratch-off Packets (Available in packets of 10, maximum of 50)
  • Multi-Year, Annual and Fall Start Annual Year (9/1-6/30) MC Motorcycle Permits
  • Supplemental MC Motorcycle with Annual or Academic Year A or R Permit
  • Annual, Fall Start Annual Year (9/1-6/30), and Quarterly N Night Permits
  • Multi-Year and Annual O Permit
  • Free Remote Motorcycle Permits (no charge for permit; application is required)

Note: Annual permits are valid 7/1 to 6/30, Fall Start Annual Year permits are valid 9/1 to 6/30.

To complete the online application click on the "Apply for a Parking Permit" link at the bottom right-hand side of this page.

When purchasing a permit, staff and faculty must submit a copy of their vehicle registration. The vehicle must be registered to the employee or an immediate family member of the employee, who is not an affiliate of UCSC. Vehicle registrations can be emailed, faxed to (831) 459-1366, or delivered in-person to the TAPS Sales Office. Eligibility requirements apply to all online permit purchases. Additional requirements include:

  • When two employees share vehicles each vehicle registration must include the name of both employees for those vehicles to be added to permits and/or daily scratch off packets
  • If carpooling, employees (and students) must provide current vehicle registrations, annually

Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Payroll deduction for most types of permits is available to employees who qualify.

Buying a Parking Permit at the TAPS Sales Office

The TAPS Sales Office is located in the H Barn on the lower campus (map of location). Sales Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please note that the Sales Office closes promptly at 5:00 p.m.; customers still in line at 5:00 p.m. will need to return the next business day to conduct their transaction.

Unvaccinated customers must wear a mask while indoors in the TAPS Sales Office. Masks are optional for vaccinated people.


Daily parking options are now available in additional locations via ParkMobile, and parking rates will mirror those for "paper” daily permits. Previously existing ParkMobile locations will remain unchanged at this time; ParkMobile transaction fees will apply. 

A limited number of additional ParkMobile spaces for daily parking will be designated by signage on campus and viewable on the ParkMobile app in the following locations: 

Daily R Permits

Lot 104 - East Remote

Daily A Permits
    Lots 111A, 119, 138, 150B, and 162

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