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There are many sustainable ways to get to and from campus without a car while reducing your carbon footprint and supporting UCSC's sustainability goals, including an external transit system (METRO buses), an on-campus transit system (Campus Transit), a vanpool program, carpools, a car-rental program (Zipcar), and a campus-specific rideshare program (Cruz511).

Employees are eligible to purchase a subsidized bus pass (at a fraction of the regular cost) through the TAPS Sales Office.

There are also bike-related commute options, including a discounted e-bike share program, west-side bike shuttle, a series of bike lanes and bike paths, bike racks throughout the campus, and showers available for those commuting by bike. More information about biking can be found on the Bike Programs page.

TAPS supports transportation alternatives and offers an Emergency Ride Home program for those UCSC employees who choose to use an alternative to driving alone at least one day a week. Eligible employees will receive one $50 Uber voucher per year.

All campus affiliates pay to park at University of California campuses, including UC Santa Cruz. The cost of lot construction and maintenance, alternative transportation options, operations, and administration are all paid for by parking permit sales.

If you need to bring a car to campus, there are numerous parking permit options available. The permit types most commonly used by employees are A (faculty/staff close-in) permits, R (remote lot) permits, MC (motorcycle) permits, or N (night parking only) permits.

For information about electric vehicles and parking, please visit our Electric Vehicles page.

Best Parking Permit Options for Full-time Employees

  • A Permit (quarterly, annual, or multi-year)
  • R Permit (quarterly or annual)
  • N permits (quarterly or annual) for those who start work after 3:30 p.m.
  • MC permit (quarterly, annual, or multi-year)

Best Parking Permit Options for Part-time Employees or Those Who Drive Occasionally

  • Daily-A Scratch-off Packets - a packet of 10 daily A Permits that can be used as needed by the employee. Limited to 50 scratchers per employee per fiscal year.
  • A-Limited-Day Parking Permit - those that work a regular schedule of 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week can consider purchasing an A-Limited-Day Permit, which is valid in all A and remote parking lots on campus. This permit is offered on an Annual or Quarterly basis and requires a pre-designated schedule of 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week. The permit is valid only on the days of the week the purchaser designates; this may be changes once during the first two months of the quarter. A-Limited-Day Permits may be augmented by purchasing a scratch-off packet.

Payment Options

Available by payroll deduction (if eligible):

  • A Permit (multi-year, limited-day multi-year, carpool multi-year)
  • R Permit (annual, carpool)
  • N Permit (quarterly or annual) for those who start work after 3:30p.m.
  • MC Permit (multi-year)
  • UCSC vanpools

Please note: permits paid via payroll deduction must be returned to the TAPS Sales Office to stop future deductions regardless of the expiration date on the front of the permit.

Available by cash, check or credit card only:

  • A Permit (annual, quarterly, quarterly limited-day, quarterly or annual carpool, monthly, weekly, daily)
  • R Permit (annual, monthly, weekly, daily)
  • MC permit (annual, monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Annual Faculty/Staff Metro bus pass
  • Daily scratch-off packets 
Permits and programs are available at no cost:
  • Remote Motorcycle parking permit (application is required)
  • TAPS Bike Shuttle
  • Emergency Ride Home Program

Note: Annual permits are valid from July 1st (or any date of purchase after July 1) through the following June 30th. Multi-year permits do not need to be renewed from year to year. Annual permits must be returned to TAPS to stop future payroll deductions, regardless of the expiration date on the front of the permit.

The Application Process
To purchase a parking permit, bus pass, or to enroll in a commute program, be prepared to provide proof of your employment to the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) Sales Office.

Faculty will need a copy of their Academic Letter of Appointment; staff will need a copy of their Employee Request Form (provided at on-boarding orientation).

For parking permits, you will need to provide a copy of the vehicle registration for each vehicle you plan to park on campus.

If you'd like to have your permit or bus pass delivered to you via campus mail, fax your proof of employment and vehicle registration(s) to (831) 459-1366. If you plan to pick up your permit or bus pass in person, you can bring your proof of employment and vehicle registration with you to the TAPS Sales Office during business hours (7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday). Please allow up 72 hours for processing. This time may be longer during our peak season.

Please note that TAPS does not mail Daily Scratch-off packets; you must arrange to pick them up at the TAPS Sales Office (email

For Vanpool Information and Enrollment
Please contact the Vanpool Coordinator at (831) 459-4289, or visit our Vanpool Program page.

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