Bus Parking Information

The UCSC campus has very limited parking capacity for large buses all located at the Barn Theater parking lot at the main campus entrance. If you plan to bring a bus to the campus for a particular event, contact the TAPS Event Parking Coordinator at least 5 business days in advance. If you arrive on campus and the Barn Theater lot is full, call (831) 459-3724 to speak with TAPS Event Parking for guidance.

There are two loading zones on campus for dropping off and picking up bus passengers; they are located at Cowell College and Rachel Carson College. A map showing the locations, as well as the off-campus location where buses can be parked while waiting, is available for downloading. Buses are not permitted to pick-up or drop-off in Quarry Plaza, Hahn Road, or any other undesignated area.

Because there are two transit systems using our bus stops, there is a three-minute time limit at the on-campus drop-off areas. If more than one bus is going to be arriving at the same time, the drivers will need to stagger their drop offs and pickups.