Parking and Program Rules

General Information

  • All vehicles must display a valid permit to park on campus during posted enforcement hours. Notes left on vehicles do not constitute permission to violate parking regulations.
  • At the first purchase of a parking permit customers must provide a copy of their vehicle registration. The vehicle must be registered to the student or the employee that will use the permit, or an immediate family member of the student or employee.
  • For vehicles that do not have a license plate, a VIN is used in lieu of the license plate on the permit. Temporary vehicle registrations are required upon the first purchase if using a VIN.
  • Before parking any new/additional vehicles on campus permit holders must provide a vehicle registration(s) by updating their customer account at the TAPS Sales Office.
  • A maximum of four license plates may be included on a permit, provided registration has been shown and all vehicles are registered to the customer and/or an immediate family member. 
  • Permits are only valid when the vehicle license plate number on the vehicle matches the number on the permit. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure they match.
  • Purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking space in a specific parking lot.
  • Inability to find a parking space is not justification to park illegally.
  • Parking out of space, outside of lines, on dirt, landscaping, walkways, or pathways is prohibited. Exceptions may be considered through prior approval by University Police. 
  • Parking to load and unload a vehicle outside of a marked space requires prior approval by University Police.
  • Alteration, resale or transfer of a parking permit or bus pass is prohibited.
  • You are responsible for the cost of your long term permit until you return it to TAPS, regardless of whether or not the permit was used. This includes a break in employment status, or due to a billing error. 
  • Each scratch-off permit is valid for one day parking and may not be reused. TAPS cannot replace incorrectly validated, damaged, lost or stolen scratch-off permits.
  • Vehicles may not be stored or repaired on campus.
  • Sleeping in vehicles is a violation of campus policy.
  • Parking permits and bus passes are the property of the University and may be recalled and/or withheld at the request of University Police or TAPS.
  • With very few exceptions, campus units or departments are not permitted to pay student or employee parking fees. This includes prepaid departmental permits.


  • A prorated refund may be generated if the permit has been returned and a refund is due. The amount of the refund will be based on the date the permit is received at the TAPS Sales Office.
  • No refunds are available during the last month of any quarterly or annual permit which has been paid in full at the time of the purchase.
  • Any active bus pass that is issued is nonrefundable unless returned to TAPS. Payroll deductions will remain in place for lost bus passes unless the pass is returned.
  • Refunds will be withheld if individuals fail to comply to written or verbal requests for permit return and/or a University Police or Parking Enforcement Officer removes the permit by request from the TAPS Sales Office.

Infractions and Consequences

  • Infractions by students will be referred to Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action, in addition to the consequences listed below.
  • Additional loss of privileges for those students who are currently without parking privileges will begin at the time the student regains his/her parking privileges.
  • Permanent revocation of parking privileges may be enforced for repeated, willful failure to comply with written correspondence between TAPS staff and the customer in violation of policy.
  • Regardless of the circumstances, the parking privileges or restrictions on student parking permits apply to all vehicles registered to the student or his/her immediate family. The only exceptions that may be granted are when the registered owner or other member of the student's immediate family visit the campus in that vehicle.
  • Outstanding fees must be paid in full before a parking permit or bus pass will be issued, or enrollment in any transportation program is processed. Where applicable, fees may be recovered through payment methods such as payroll deduction or direct billing.
  • Repeated violations of UCSC parking rules may result in a loss of parking privileges (three months for first offense, six months for second offense, and permanently for third offense.
  • Infractions of campus parking codes (e.g., displaying or possessing a permit which has been reported as lost or stolen, alteration or counterfeiting of a permit or bus pass) may face monetary fines in addition to loss of parking or program privileges.
  • Those found in possession of a permit or bus pass which has been altered, or reported lost or stolen by another individual may be billed for the full value of said permit or pass, regardless of use.
  • Those storing or repairing vehicles on campus (including trailers, boats, etc.) may have their permit revoked, and their vehicle may be removed.

Administrative Fees

  • Fee to replace any permit: $20 (Annual limit: two times)
  • Fee to replace bus pass: $20 (Annual limit: one time)
  • All replacement fees must be paid via cash or credit card only.