UC Parking Reciprocity

To expedite university business between UC campuses and/or UCOP, UC Santa Cruz offers reciprocal parking for faculty and staff members for up to 5 days per calendar year.

Each campus has a unique set of circumstances relating to various parking issues (spaces availability, rates, access by gate, kiosks, specific designated lots). Because of these differences the permit holder must:

  • Contact their campus parking office to arrange reciprocal parking by having them email tapssales@ucsc.edu to confirm the staff or faculty member has an unexpired permit that is valid 5 days per week and is eligible.
  • Show photo ID when arriving at UC Santa Cruz at the Main Entrance Kiosk or the TAPS Sales Office to obtain a UC Santa Cruz parking permit.

If an employee from another UC campus is working or teaching at UC Santa Cruz longer period than five days, they must purchase a permit appropriate to the host campus.


Student permits do not have reciprocity. Students from other UC campuses must purchase parking at each individual campus according to the availability and rate for that campus.