Hourly and Daily Parking via ParkMobile*

As of January 14, 2022, pay stations on the residential campus have been taken off line and ParkMobile has been implemented in their place.

Please Note: At this time, ParkMobile is not accepting payment via ApplePay. You may continue to use any credit/debit card or PayPal.

How To Use ParkMobile - 30 from ParkMobile on Vimeo.

ParkMobile Availability

ParkMobile is available on the residential campus, Coastal Science Campus, and Westside Research Park. On the residential campus, parking is available for $2.50/hour, and $10/day in select locations plus a $0.45 transaction fee. Check the UCSC Parking Map for enforcement hours as they vary by area. Use the ParkMobile app to find the most updated zones and rates.

Non-ParkMobile permits such as A, B, C, R, event, and contractor permits are not authorized to utilize marked ParkMobile spaces without additional payment. Please observe posted signage to avoid receiving a citation.

Daily parking or 1, 2, or 3 hours of parking is available in the following areas:

  • Lot 104 (East Remote; daily parking only, $6/day plus $0.35 transaction fee)
  • Lot 117A (Cook House / Barn Theatre)
  • Lot 139A (Baskin / Engineering II)
  • Lot 206 (Coastal Biology Building)
  • Lot 301 (West Side Research Park)

Hourly parking is available in numbered spaces in the following lots:

  • Lot 101 (Hahn Student Services): 1 hour limit
  • Lot 103A (East Campus Athletics & Recreation): 3 hour limit
  • Lot 109 (Stevenson College): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 126 (Arts): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 162 (Rachel Carson/Oakes Colleges): 2 hour limit

Hourly parking is available in designated areas of the following lots:

  • Lot 111A/111B (Crown College): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 116 (Barn G / Facilities): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 119 (Merrill College): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 120A (McHenry Library): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 125 (Porter College, South): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 128 (Health Center): 30 minute limit
  • Lot 134 / 135 (Family Student Housing): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 139B (Baskin Circle / Communications): 30 minute limit
  • Lot 146 (Rachel Carson College): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 147 (Kresge College, South): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 154 (Crown-Merrill Apartments): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 160 (Oakes College): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 163 (Cowell College): 30 minute limit
  • Lot 168 (Agroecology): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 169 (The Village): 2 hour limit
  • Lot 170 (Hay Barn): 2 hour limit

Flat rate ($5) parking is available after 4:30pm on evenings and weekends in any regular, non-reserved space within the following areas:

  • Lot 101 (Hahn Student Services)
  • Lot 107 (Cowell College)
  • Lot 109 (Stevenson College)
  • Lot 112 (Core West Parking Structure, Sciences Hill)
  • Lot 124/125 (Porter College)
  • Lot 126 (Arts)
  • Lot 162 (Rachel Carson/Oakes Colleges)

Are you new to ParkMobile? Get started with these 3 steps:

  • Download the ParkMobile App on the Google Play or Apple App Store and set-up your profile with license plate and payment information.
  • Enter the ParkMobile zone number.
  • Select parking duration (daily or hourly rate as applicable).

If you prefer to pay by phone, call 877-727-5718.

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* For the purpose of enforcing parking permit requirements at UCSC, virtual parking permits (e.g., ParkMobile payments) will be accepted, where applicable, in lieu of displaying a physical parking permit. A virtual parking permit means that the license plate of the vehicle being parked serves as the valid permit authorizing parking in specified locations, for a specific time. On the UCSC campus, this is done at specified locations through a pay by phone parking application (i.e., ParkMobile), or the electronic pay machine servicing a specific location.