Parking Meters and Paystations

Parking Meters
For short stays, meters are available for $2.50/hour. Meters have varying time limits, from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the location. Meter enforcement hours are 7:00am to 8:30pm, Monday through Friday. Meters are free before 7:00am and after 8:30pm, and on holidays. Maps that indicate meter locations can be obtained at the Main Entrance Kiosk and the TAPS Sales Office. A downloadable PDF of the campus parking map with meter locations is available.

Daily Paystations
Short-term parking is available every day at paystations in the following lots:
• Hahn Lot 101 (1-hour limit)
• East Field House Lot 103 (2-hour limit)
• Performing Arts Lot 126 (2-hour limit)
• Rachel Carson College (formerly College Eight)/Oakes Lot 162 (2-hour limit)
• Admissions Office Lot 117A (Admissions visitors only)
• Stevenson Lot 109 (2-hour limit)

During business hours (7:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday), paystations issue permits for numbered paystalls only. The cost to park in paystalls is $2.50/hour. After 4:30pm, these paystations offer a flat rate of $5/evening. You can park in any non-reserved, non-paystall space in the lot where you purchase the permit after 4:30pm.

Evening/Weekend Only Paystations
The following lots have paystations that operate evenings after 4:30pm and weekends only:
• Core West Parking Structure Lot 112 
• Cowell/Stevenson Lot 107
• Porter Lot 125

The cost is a flat rate of $5, which buys a permit that is valid from 4:30pm until 8:30pm on weekdays, or from 7am until 8:30pm on weekends. These permits are only valid in the parking lots near the paystations; a map showing the paystations and the lots they serve is available on this site.

Payment and Instructions
Campus paystations accept credit cards only. Most paystations have pay-by-space parking (i.e., hourly parking in marked paystalls only), as well as pay-by-plate parking (flat rate parking outside of marked paystalls) after 4:30pm and on weekends. Be sure to check the sign next to each paystation for hours that permits are required in that lot, the maximum time you can park in the marked paystalls, and instructions on how to use the paystation.

For pay-by-plate parking, you may park in any non-reserved, non-paystall space in the lot served by the paystation.

UPDATE (10/2018):
ParkCards have sold out. We are currently in the process of streamlining our parking meter network at UCSC and anticipate integrating an alternate system for those select metered parking spaces in the coming months. In the interim, we recommend utilizing our pay station lots and coin-operated meters for your on-demand parking needs. For those who currently possess ParkCards, cards will continue to function as normal and you will not lose any remaining balance while we transition to the alternate system.

UPDATE (5/2019):  Effective immediately, cards may only be recharged up to $20 at a time. TAPS will no longer recharge ParkCards beginning June 7, 2019 and any remaining balance must be used by September 13, 2019. ParkCards will not be usable after September 13th.

NOTE: Although ParkMobile will be implemented by early June, NO other payment method changes will take place until after Commencement weekend and the meters will continue to accept coins through June 21, 2019.