Electric Vehicle Charging at UCSC

Eleven level 2 electric vehicle charging spaces are available to all UCSC employees, students and visitors in the Core West Parking Structure [map of location]. Nine charging portals are available on the 1st floor and an additional two charging portals can be found on the 6th floor (including one ADA Van-accessible charging space). Six charging stations are located at the Coastal Science Campus [map of location].

The chargers, available first-come, first-served, are provided as a convenience for electric vehicle drivers and are not intended to be the primary charging location for anyone that does not reside on campus. Both Level 1 and Level 2 chargers are available. Users must be plugged in and/or actively charging while parked in a UCSC EV Charging Space. EV chargers have been funded in part by the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District.

All chargers are part of the Chargepoint network and a fee of $1 per hour will be collected for active charging and while plugged in. Please see www.chargepoint.com for more information. There is currently no time limit for how long a vehicle can be plugged in, but in the future a time limit may be implemented based on demand.

Unauthorized Level 1 charging at any UCSC parking facility is not allowed; violators will be cited.

Parking Permit Required
During enforcement hours (7:00am–8:30pm, Monday–Friday), users who are actively charging or plugged in at an EV charging station must display a UCSC parking permit (e.g., A, B, C, O, R) valid for the date and time they are charging. Once charging is complete, vehicles should be moved to an appropriate parking lot and/or parking space, depending on the type of permit displayed on the vehicle. Please note: the EV Charging Station spaces are reserved for that purpose at all times; UCSC permits are required only during enforcement hours.

If using a Limited Day or Scratch-Off permit type, the permit must be valid for the day it is being used. After 3:30 pm, users with a N permit may park and actively charge at EV spaces; after 4:30 pm, users with NC permits may charge in EV spaces.

If a permit is not valid for the date and/or time of use, the appropriate permit must be purchased according to the user's eligibility, and when charging is complete, the user must move their vehicle to the lot and parking space where that permit is valid.

  • One-day visitor permits may be purchased at the Main Entrance Kiosk (Monday–Friday, 7:00am–1:00pm) 
  • At the TAPS Sales Office (Monday–Friday, 7:00am–5:00pm). The Sales Office is located in the H Barn near the base of campus [map of both locations]

Electric Motorcycles
Electric motorcycles must obtain an MC permit to use a designated EV-only space to access a Level 1 Charger in the Core West Parking Structure.

Electric Scooters and Bicycles
Any electric scooter or bicycle that is required to have a DMV registration must obtain a MC permit to park on campus. All such vehicles are then eligible to park and use the EV chargers in the Core West parking structure. All other electric scooters and bicycles are not allowed to park in the EV-only parking spaces and may not charge at the EV Chargers in Core West.

Unauthorized Level 1 charging at any UCSC parking facility is not allowed; violators will be cited.

Accessible EV Charging
Accessible EV charging is available at the first EV charger located between the TAPS Maintenance Parking space and the ADA-compliant parking space. An EV user with a valid DMV disability placard or plate may charge his/her vehicle from either this accessible charging space or from the adjacent ADA-compliant parking space.

Other Santa Cruz County Charging Options
Additional electric vehicle charging stations have recently been installed in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Scotts Valley and Corralitos. Interested individuals can find a listing of those locations at the following sites:

Let Us Know Who You Are
If you would like to add your name to a list of known UCSC EV Users for notification of future power shutdowns or any changes to the electric vehicle chargers or policies contact Teresa Buika at TAPS, tabuika@ucsc.edu or call (831) 502-7941.

Detailed Information About How To Use EV Chargers
Information on how to operate the EV charging stations, what to do if a charging station is not working, and other related information is available on the EV Charger FAQ page of the TAPS website.

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