Disabled and Medical Parking

UC Santa Cruz has two types of parking spaces for those who have disability-related parking needs:  standard and van-accessible disabled (or ADA) parking spaces, which are outlined in blue stripes and have a loading zone next to them, and Medical spaces. Medical spaces are standard-sized parking spaces and are intended for those who need close-in parking due to a temporary medical condition, but who don’t require the extra space provided by ADA parking spaces. 

Note: Visitors with DMV placards or plates may park for free in DMV spaces, Medical spaces, mobile pay spaces or paystations without additional payment, or in time zones (e.g., 10-, 15-, or 20-minute spaces) for longer than the posted time. DMV placards are not valid in spaces reserved for departments, individuals, contractors, carpools or vanpools, or in lots solely designated for “C” permit holders.

If You Have a DMV placard or license plate:
Anyone with a DMV placard or license plate may park in the following spaces; however, affiliates (e.g., faculty, staff, students, volunteers, those receiving remuneration for services, and those participating in University programs) must also display a valid UCSC parking permit:

  • ADA (a.k.a. Accessible) parking spaces
  • A spaces
  • Medical spaces
  • in time zones (e.g., 10-minute spaces) for longer than the time specified
  • in mobile pay and paystation spaces without additional payment when no other parking is available
  • out of a marked parking space, as long as you don’t park in fire lanes, tow-away zones, or next to red curbs. You also can’t block other vehicles, access to dumpsters or loading docks, buildings, sidewalks, pathways, or traffic.

For campus affiliates, the use of a DMV placard or license plate alone without a UCSC parking permit is permissible only in mobile pay spaces; parking without a campus permit in an ADA space – even with a DMV placard – is a ticketable offense. 

If You Don't Have a DMV placard or license plate:
You may apply for a temporary Medical parking permit. This requires submitting medical documentation to Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS). The documentation must be from a healthcare provider (e.g. physician, surgeon, chiropractor, etc.) and must include the duration of the temporary parking need and the type of accommodation: Close-in, or Medical (difficulty walking more than 50 yards). Students can submit documentation for up to one month in duration directly to the TAPS Sales Office (tapssales@ucsc.edu), or call the Sales Office at (831) 459-4543 for other arrangements. Documentation for longer than one month of Medical parking must come directly from either the Student Health Center or the Disability Resource Center.

If You have a Medical permit, you may park in:

  • Medical spaces
  • A spaces

The second page of the campus parking map includes a list of each parking lot and the types of parking available in each, including Medical spaces. Need additional information? Send us an email inquiry or call (831) 502-7942.